Wednesday, October 30, 2013

week 40 fanficflashfic

40? Really? Wow.


Here are the prompts chosen by last week's winner, and this week's judge, @suebee0619.

You may use one, or both, to inspire your writing.

For those playing on mobile devices, the song is Tracy Chapman's 'The Promise.'

Remember to check the rules

Have your 100 - 200 words submitted by 12:01am Friday, November 1, US EDST.

We want anything and everything: poetry, prose, fanfic, OF. 


Leave your entry as a comment - include your word count, and your twitter handle if you have one.

Probably good practice to reference any source material, too. 

FYI - entries that exceed (or are under) the word limits will not be considered by the judge.

Also, I've had a few questions lately regarding the submission of more than one entry. Yes, you may submit more than one flashfic. I'm going to say a maximum of two (2) entries though. Furthermore, they're not to be continuations, or related to each other in any way -- they need to be completely separate, stand alone entries. 


  1. @moonlit__girl
    152 words

    on some days her walls
    were black marble
    tall and austere,
    formal, too slippery
    to even contemplate climbing.

    she grew heather (solitude) and lavender (distrust).

    on other days her bricks,
    perfectly stacked, seemed to
    touch the sky, with mortor
    scraped clean thus
    eliminating any chance
    of footholds.

    i grew hydrangeas (perseverance) and gladiolus (strength).

    her cement-wall-days
    were unimpressive at first,
    hackneyed and almost
    common, save for the
    three rows of barbed wire
    rolling along the top.

    she trimmed daisies (innocence) and sweet peas (shyness).

    on days when her walls were
    hedges, lush and green with
    spots of light in between layers
    of sticks and leaves,
    it was difficult to see
    the thorns.

    i offered peonies (healing) and geraniums (comfort).

    she tried to ignore the bouquets
    all around her-
    they lay untouched at her feet.

    but sometimes seeds grow
    even when untended.
    sometimes a single white chrysanthemum
    can break a wall down.

  2. @jdifrans
    145 words

    Lost. Alone. Struggling just to breathe.
    My chest tight, arms numb from holding myself together, jaw aching to be unclenched so I can scream. If only my plans had worked to take me from this world, he could move on. I could be forgotten. But Alice is a cruel bitch and he won't let me go that easily.

    He wants my heart to heal so I can love him again.
    He wants my body healthy so I can be in his arms once more.
    He wants his Bella but it's much too late.

    When he chose to rip the child from my womb because he couldn't bear the thought of losing me, his worst fears came true. Eternity with Edward became my worst nightmare and death my only desire. My soul has become black as night and longs for the devil to take it home.


  3. Pinkcookie (PM me at
    142 words

    Dear Edward,

    When you left me, I put up high walls around my heart. I tried to hate you, but I only missed you more. Eventually, all the tears I’ve cried caused a beautiful garden to grow within those walls. The flowers are flourishing; I have to trim them every day so that my garden remains a secret. Others cannot, will not understand.

    I have vivid dreams every night. We are together in my secret garden. I remember how you ignited a flame in me with just your cold embrace and chaste kisses and I feel so happy and content.

    I don’t know why you left me, Edward. But, I’ll never let you go. If you come back to me, I promise I’ll still be yours. I’ll forever keep a special spot waiting for you in my secret garden.

    Love eternally,


  4. Word count: 193 words
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011


    Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high

    And no wonder, after what you did to her.

    But in her garden she now strolls; all that she is and all that she has is still hers and hers alone. Nobody can touch her in her garden.

    Never again.

    She walks, dancing, through the Roses, she sings under the Magnolia, and she smiles that special smile of true happiness by the orange blossoms. The smile that comes from being in complete harmony with oneself.

    You shattered everything around you, but that smile of hers? You could not touch that. You could not alter it. You had no power over her.

    Today, she needs nobody. She is all she wants to be. She is all she can ever be.

    And you—you cannot ever enter her garden, you were banished, not by weapons or harsh words, no, by something much subtler, and much more harsh.

    You are locked out of her secret garden because you truly lost your magic.

    That is the power of Samhain.

    You cursed yourself.

    She now embodies the power of wild woman.

    She bows to no man.


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  6. Word Count: 194
    Twitter Handle: ShadesofPurple4

    "Her heart was a secret garden and the walls were very high."

    He built her up with love–her confidence, her love, her caring, and her worth.

    He showed her appreciation.

    He showed her that she could be loved again. He made those walls crumble to give birth to new flowers.

    At first, their relationship was growing then something happened, something terrible that changed everything.

    She didn’t know what, when, or how the change happened.

    She just knew something was different and when she asked to get him to open up, he shut her out. He stopped being the affectionate man she grew to love.

    This broke her heart every time he wouldn’t talk.

    She felt the change coming and couldn’t figure out how to stop it. She wanted him to talk to her but he wouldn’t.

    Then the “I just want to be friends,” came through as a text and all was lost.

    She is now building a wall again around her secret garden that he was able to tear down piece by piece.

    This time the wall will be higher, sturdier, and thicker. The wall will not be made of flowers, either.

  7. WORD COUNT: 183

    How long had it been? Years.

    Me, all on my own. Alone. Working, doing nothing but working.

    He'd left me behind, my life too solitary for him.

    He'd given me a promise, to find his way back to me eventually.

    Never happened. Regrets are painful.

    I'm reflecting on this at a stop sign as I listen to the song on the radio that prompted the memories.

    I give my head a shake. Remembering isn't always a good thing.

    Pulling into my parking space I see someone standing there.

    My mouth falls open, unbelieving what I'm seeing.

    He's standing there, looking as devilishly handsome as ever, holding a pink rose.

    Reaching for my door handle, he meets me as I get out of the car, a small smile
    on his handsome face.

    I'm standing outside the car, staring at him incredulously, he smiles wider.

    "I told you I'd find my way back. Is there a place for me in your heart?"

    I lunge forward, gripping him to me and never planning on letting go.

    As if I have the power to ever say no.

  8. Twitter: @hummingbirdFF
    Word count: 199


    You always knew that I needed to get out of our small town. To spread my wings.

    But I loved you since you first pulled my braids, and you loved me since I first wrestled you to the ground.

    We always knew we were it.

    So the day I left, I made sure to protect my heart. Built walls to keep others out and you safe inside, until I found my way back into your arms.

    Looking through the passenger window, I finally see familiar trees lining the road. The road that leads me back home. To you.

    With each landmark, I feel the barrier crumbling.

    The playground where we first met.

    The ice-cream shop where you shyly put your hand in mine.

    The corner where you dried my tears after a scraped knee.

    The porch swing where you first kissed my lips and told me you loved me.

    As I step out of the car, I can feel the barrier has fallen away.

    And, God, I wish it hadn’t.

    Because now it’s no longer there to hold everything together.

    And as my heart breaks apart, I crumple to the grass where you were supposed to promise me forever.


  9. @ChocoMG2112
    Word count: 197

    Our joining was like nothing I could have ever imagined. Her soft lips caressed mine awakening such feelings… and memories. I felt my heart open and envelop her whole being in a deep, abiding love. At the same time, I felt the physical hunger that made me crave her, to touch her, to possess her, to make love… no, to fuck her until she screamed my name.

    I felt no remorse, nor fear as our arms wrapped around each other, tugging at clothing, kissing deeply and passionately.

    She murmured my name as she her lips caressed my neck. My heart slammed against my chest to match the beating of hers. I thought it may burst free and if it did, I would not care as long as I could continue to be with this exquisite woman.

    She wrapped her legs around my waist and I pressed her hard against the wall, kissing and sucking on her neck as she had done to me. Her presence enveloped me and I felt like I was coming home. Every touch, every kiss she placed on my lips, my face, revived memories of a love I had never known I missed.