Thursday, October 10, 2013

week 37 fanficflashfic

Here are the prompts, chosen by this week's judge, @midnightsun1901.

Use one or both to inspire your writing.

Remember to check the rules

Have your 100 - 200 words submitted by 12:01am Friday, October 11, US EDST.

We want anything and everything: poetry, prose, fanfic, OF. 


Leave your entry as a comment - include your word count, and your twitter handle if you have one.

Probably good practice to reference any source material, too. 

FYI - entries that exceed (or are under) the word limits will not be considered by the judge.

Also, I've had a few questions lately regarding the submission of more than one entry. Yes, you may submit more than one flashfic. I'm going to say a maximum of two (2) entries though. Furthermore, they're not to be continuations, or related to each other in any way -- they need to be completely separate, stand alone entries. 

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  1. Word count: 190
    @ladylibre on Twitter

    Beneath the evening sky, she eludes me.

    But today is different.

    She aims to tease.

    The virginal white of her dress curls around her ebony legs, mocking my innocence, and I am crippled by infatuation.

    She is sunlight.

    The wind shifts, the clouds gather, and my bowels twist in dismay. Though luminous and constant as the stars, she must soon set as nature demands.

    I reach for the hand she pulls away, her coy smile beckoning me forward. My fingertips strain toward the fragile bones of her wrist, and I hold my breath to pray.

    We touch.

    Her silky heat shimmies down my spine, and I bite off a groan for the moment is sacred. I am alive again, the Word become flesh, and my heart of stone weeps for joy. I lick my lips, craving her taste, and there is a sad sigh on high.

    I ask too much.

    A sprinkle of snow tickles my nose, and my celestial savior drifts away, the gentle coda of a long lost song. I stand helplessly by as she fades into night, chasing the stardust she leaves behind.

    Then I wake up.

  2. Word count: 100 words, on the nose
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011


    I passed you by—I couldn’t see you, I don’t know why.

    You were beautiful—black hair, brown eyes, brown skin, soft smile, and happy dimples.

    How is it that I passed you by—when truly seeing you could have changed my life?

    My life could have been full—with you in my corner.

    Someone absolutely loyal—why did I not realize what you were?

    Happiness, and warm laughter—that is what you could have meant to me.

    I suppose I never deserved you—that’s why I couldn’t see.


    Today I know better.

    Help me change—make me see?


  3. Word Count: 187

    It is amazing how you can fall in love with a person you didn't even notice the first time you meet them.

    He was always there, sitting on the bench, dreamily looking at glimpses of reality in front of him. I hurried past him every day, too occupied with my battle of thoughts to even glance at him once. At first, it was amusing to see him at the same place every day, but then it became a habit; nothing more.

    It was strange the day when I noticed he had disappeared from his regular spot in the rather isolated park.

    That day, I ordered coffee for the first time.

    It was the day I saw him at the wooden gate of the remote village I stopped by to visit a cousin. We stared, and recognition washed over us like the tide over the sand.

    Looking into his sapphire blue eyes, memories of my past disastrous boyfriends disappeared and I felt refreshingly clean. He noticed my cold coffee and offered to buy me a drink.

    I accepted.

    I wondered what would've happened if I noticed him earlier.

  4. Pinkcookie (PM me at
    200 words

    I hated strip clubs. The girls that worked in these places held no appeal for me. My father used to say the girls there were “rode hard and put away wet.” But, it was my brother’s bachelor party and I went along and pretended interest.

    I glanced at the stripper working the pole. Although she smiled at me and danced with extremely provocative motions, she looked zoned-out with blank eyes. I slipped money to her. Someone shoved a beer into my hand and I turned around to see the happy eyes of my brother. The dancer forgotten, we joked and drank into the night.

    The next day at the reception, I had a major hangover and wanted a bit of the hair of the dog. I grabbed for a glass of champagne. Turning toward me with her tray, I saw the stripper from last night. “Hey! I saw you dancing last night!” She seemed defensive and said, “Um, yeah, I moonlight stripping. I really hate it, but something has to pay for my brother’s 24-hour nursing…waitressing doesn’t!” I said, “Wow, that’s pretty great of you.” She flashed a sincere smile, and suddenly it was love at second sight for me.

  5. @Shneezles
    194 words


    He was always there.

    He helped my mom carry in rain soaked grocery bags.

    He drove me to school when my car gave up.

    When my friends left for Spring Break, he kept me company, strumming on his guitar, softly singing while I lost myself in a book.

    We would sit and watch the saffron yellow sun, weary from a long day, turn into a fiery orange and quietly disappear behind the trees. Both huddled beneath a blanket, our knees would be touching, my head at home on his shoulder.

    And when the warmth of the sun had faded, his arms would protect me from the cold. His hand would guide me home in the dark.

    He wasn’t a hovering figure, blurred in the background. He was by my side; smiling down at me in pictures neither of us knew were being taken. He was holding me up when I stumbled home, sneaking back in after my first taste of cheap alcohol and rebellion. He was comforting me when life had made other plans.

    He smiled with me during good times, and he helped me through the bad.

    But how did I not see him?

  6. @femme_mal
    143 words

    Sweaty and hot, your hands gripped me at the prescribed places, like hands on a clock at three p.m.

    We stumped slowly in a tightly defined but unmarked circle on the gymnasium floor, our bodies stiff and held apart though drawn together.

    Feet struggling to avoid each other, we were pained not only by the foreign position but the oddness of our shoes.

    Friends giggled at the periphery, happy and nervous for us, reflecting our feelings like the mirrored ball above.

    Eyes darting here and there, we did not dare look at each other lest we break down and cry, or laugh about this strange new world.

    But now, so many years later, we have become easy and free, unconstrained by the expectations of others.

    We spin and whirl like doves at dusk, comforted and comfortable in the dance that is us.

  7. @hummingbirdFF
    166 words
    I was an invisible girl. The shy, quiet bookworm, hiding behind my bangs.

    You were lanky—too tall and too thin, your body not quite in sync with you yet. But you had a charisma about you, a charm that got a smile from every girl, even me.

    But I never got a real smile in return. Your eyes always passed over me to someone prettier.

    Now I feel your eyes on me.

    Insecure bangs have turned into assertive curls, and I’ve learned to act out the confidence I don’t always believe in.

    You notice me now. Your eyes pass over other girls and always come back to me.

    After 15 minutes of staring, you finally make your move. I expect a cheesy line, and I’m not disappointed.

    “Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?”

    I cannot help but laugh at the irony.

    “Even if I did, you obviously don’t. I sat next to you in English senior year.”