Monday, October 28, 2013

week 39 winners

Here are @magtwi78's answers to my judgey questions:

1. What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve been given?
If you’re blocked, keep writing. Write the passage you’re blocked on from a different POV. Write a letter to your character, asking them why they’re messing with you. Write a f***ing shopping list—just keep writing.

2. The first and last books you fell in love with?
The first book I remember ever love, love, loving was The Enchanted Wood by Enid Blyton. Reading it holds some really great memories for me, and it was the first time that I truly felt that I’d entered another world.

The last book would have to be the Divergent series...although I haven’t quite finished Allegiant yet...

3. What's happening outside the nearest window?
Not much—it’s dark.

4. There's a rubber stamp mark on your hand. What does it say?
This too shall pass.

5. Suppose you could travel to any place in time and history. When and where are you going?
I’d like to go to Sandhurst, Victoria, in January 1857. That date would mark the one-year anniversary of my ancestors’s arrival in Australia.

My great-great-great…(insert a few more greats) grandmother came here with her husband and young family for the same reason many did—they were chasing gold. During the months-long trip, her infant child died and was buried at sea. She lost a couple more children in their infancy, but went on to have others. She Cornwall and arrived in the heat of the harsh Australian summer, from what I can tell, she was a remarkably resiliant woman. I’d love to know, and tell, her story.

Ooooooh...he sounds all kinds of intriguing. I want to know his secrets, and I want to know what happened with the passage of time. I also kinda want him to dream about me, too ;-)

@ladylibre - I loved the cadence of this. Each passage was like a breath. I found myself right there—with him—as he watched his love sleep. This was a really lovely nod to canon Edward. Really lovely!

@AnnaLund2011 - This was like a brief, momentary glimpse into two lives. I think it was a great explanation for some of the reasons people might get tattoos, and an interesting use of the prompt. I loved the emotion attached to the words—I really felt it.

@honeybeemeadows - THIRD PLACE: I LOVED this. I could see the words scrawled on skin, and if I thought about it hard enough, I could even feel the press of the ballpoint. Emotive and beautiful and…love.

@suebee0619 - FIRST PLACE: This brought tears to my eyes and made my chest go flutter-flutter-clench. I’m not sure if it was the way you described the depth of her despair, or the hope that bloomed when her savior came...but you hit your target. Beautiful, heartwrenching, yet hopeful all at once. (I just read it again. Yep. Tears.)

@jdifrans - SECOND PLACE: It’s amazing how another person can help heal the scars we draw into ourselves. Insecurity and self-doubt can be such such a damaging beast, but never underestimate the power of human touch. I hope with all of my cells for them, too.

@missthundercunt - HONOURABLE MENTION: I’ve sat here for some time, reading and re-reading this and trying to find the words to explain how I feel. I can’t do it. The visuals are just...and the feeling between the two of them...and...and...and…one word: powerful.

@jiffsimpson - This is so full of hope and trust. You’ve captured her hesitancy perfectly, and described so well the way she feels that his love has helped her heal. So much in so little words—really well done.

@bebeginja - HONOURABLE MENTION: This was almost like poetry to read. I love, love, love the literal imagery of the picture and how you’ve translated it into a reflection of love and trust. I just want to sit in this passage and read it over and over.

@Cloe_Marie - I’m so unsure of how to take this...I’m left with questions. It’s the questions that make me want to know more. Did she leave him for someone else? Or was she taken away in the cruelest way possible? This is just like the beginning hook of a longer story, and I’m hooked. This passage leaves me wanting more…

@ChocoMG2112 - This took me to another time and place, and it feels magical and dark and mysterious. It's amazing what you've done with so few words- I seriously felt like I'd been transported.

@Pinkcookie - ...and what did he say? I’m sitting here scrolling, looking for the rest. You’re going to continue this, right? RIGHT?


Congratulations, @suebee0619 !

Thank you to @magtwi78 for judging, and to everyone who participated.

See you next week.

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