Friday, October 4, 2013

week 36 winners

From judge, @moonlit__girl:

@midnightsun1901 -- WINNER -- Such strong voice in this one. i love how you set up her struggle and then show us how she can win. I love how she is stronger than I initially thought she was. And I love this:  Whether it be through music or will, she won't let them win. She is the queen of her own mind.

@AnnaLund2011 - All music has power. These lines also have power: I’ll keep my scars, but the phantom pain is gone.
Right there in the heart of it, is where I find the way forward.  You left me wanting to know what came before, and what comes next.

@sandyquill - This is sweet and sad and hopeful. Your descriptions are vivid (Her eyes were a different shade of blue than his, like the summer sky staring down at a rare blue pimpernel) and I love the words you chose to show how music can physically grab hold of us (The thrum of the chords rolled from the belly of the acoustic instrument to touch her as she paused in her daily journey.)

@Pinkcookie - Wow, the imagery here is quite powerful (the flames create charred trails viciously meandering along my body. I brush the cinders away and see the scars your distain left there) Live music can be particularly powerful can’t it?.

@Mylisssa - Isn’t it interesting how different people interpret the same social interaction? Add some years gone by, and the stories get fuzzier. Are her self-inflicted scars from high school? Or are they more current? I love how Bella gets pulled in by the music despite her sour memory of the musician, and I like the hopefulness at the end. Yes, go talk outside!

@Aleeab4u - Did you write a song for me? :-) This reads like a song in my head, and I’d love to know what tune I should put with i! The third stanza (verse?) is so fun and perfect! (But she marches to the beat of a different drummer, death metal playing in the wings. You see her sway to your homespun groove, thinking you hear angels sing. It's only hellfire packaged nice, and that girl's burning up inside. Got her own kinda healing to find.)

@melfin80 - Oh, the imagery! I can see the song literally weaving, stitching her back together, trying to make things right again. (I feel a prick, Then a pull, Another prick, And pull. The first stitch Is placed. Slowly, The crack begins to close). So calculated, meticulous, but also lovely.

@BlackLioness_ - I want to know more of this girl. More about her previous life, more about her current situation. More about the tattoos she chose (I absently trace my fingers along my collarbone. I’d thought the pain of the needle as it etched reminders of my previous life into my skin would distract me. It didn’t..) And it’s so true, isn’t it- the music and the boy- that’s what matters ;-)

@Pinkcookie - Isn’t it funny how we often pair songs with people? I love the simplicity of this: My beautiful man has a matching beautiful song. How much longer will she have to wait? Until then, your music sustains me and my soul. She’s willing to wait, and I’m rooting for her.

@TinsleyWarren - I like the spin you put on this- that she’s healing herself by playing her own music (I let the music take me away. The notes seemed to heal me in ways I could never imagine. I felt lighter just by playing.) While the mood was sad but hopeful, this line made me laugh out loud:  I was an adult and those adult choices sucked. I think she’ll be just fine.


Congratulations @midnightsun1901!

Thank you to @moonlit__girl for judging, and to everyone who participated.

See you next week.

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