Saturday, November 2, 2013

week 40 winners

Here are @suebee0619's answers to my judgey questions...

1. What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve been given? 
Not so much advice as the support of people I love and respect. Them telling me they believed in me and that I could do this was huge. I never did any kind of creative writing until getting into the fanfic world, so I really needed that push. It's amazing what a well timed "You can do this" from some truly talented authors can do.

2. The first and last books you fell in love with? 
Oh my goodness. I've been a reader all of my life so this is tough. As a kid, it would have been "The Little Princess". As an adult, the first I fell in love with was "A Prayer for Owen Meany" by John Irving and I love it to this day. In fact, I think I'm due for a reread. The last was probably "Cursed Be the Wicked" by the lovely J.R. Richardson, but that's not out yet. I was lucky enough to have read it early and holy wow did I love it. I highly recommend both to everyone looking for a book that you totally sink into and have the world around you fall away.  

3. What's happening outside the nearest window?
Um, the Barclay's Bank office cafeteria across the street from my office seems to have hit its mid morning lull. LOL

4. There's a rubber stamp mark on your hand. What does it say?
Talk to her.

5. Suppose you could travel to any place in time and history. When and where are you going?
Gah. Hard question. Rather than go with the epic, I'm going to go with the personal. I'd go back to around 1986 and get myself into therapy when I was an angry, depressed teenager rather than deal with the fallout now. Obviously, there's a reason that I connected to that picture prompt immediately and so strongly. It really did take my breath away once I saw what the words said. Kudos to Mags for finding such a great image that I honestly want framed and hanging on my wall. 

@moonlit__girl - First Place
Gorgeous. Just flat out gorgeous. I loved the imagery and I could imagine the emotions that went along with each of her different walls. The author took the picture prompt and just ran with it in the best of ways. It was all I could ask for in an entry and more.

@jdifrans - Third Place
This was so hard to read but really well written and an interesting take on the prompt. Is it possible to love and hate an author for their words at the same time? LOL Very well done on a tough subject.

Love love love the imagery of her tears creating a beautiful garden. And well done combining the two prompts. I didn't even think about that when I picked them.

@AnnaLund2011 - Second Place
I have somewhat mixed feelings about this one, but the positives far outweighed anything else. I love the imagery of her dancing and singing and keeping her smile even after whatever happened. And the mixed feeling of her being all she wants to be, all she can be is interesting. It left me wondering whether those walls are permanent or whether she’ll ever let anyone in. While I appreciate pulling Samhain in because of when this flash fic happened to fall, I actually think the reference to it detracted from the piece as a whole. That being said, I love the way the rest of it spoke to me.

Oof. That feeling in your gut when you just know something is wrong and different and that the heartbreak is coming after you’ve finally been brave enough to open up. You took me through that entire arc of a relationship. Well done!

Awwwwww… I loved the HEA in this. I could imagine how painful her regrets would be. Lovely job.

@hummingbirdFF - Honorable Mention -
Gah. Owie but I really liked that you were able to combine the two prompts – something I didn’t even consider when I picked them. I felt the anticipation and then the despair when it was not to be. Nicely done!

Holy crap… so hot!!! And I loved this “Her presence enveloped me and I felt like I was coming home.”  


Congratulations @moonlit__girl!

Thank you to @suebee0619 for judging, and to everyone who participated.

See you next week.

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