Friday, October 18, 2013

week 38 winners

Here are @ladylibre's answers to my judgey questions ...

1. What is the best piece of writing advice you’ve been given?
My husband once told me to write whatever satisfies my soul, whatever gives me peace in the context of that story. I think about that every time I get stumped or frustrated with myself, and it gives me courage. And makes me all gooey toward my Hubby.

2. The first and last books you fell in love with?
The first book I remember falling in love with was Little Women. The last one would have to be Twilight.Though I’ve read the saga several times, the first novel captured my heart and hasn’t let go.

3. What's happening outside the nearest window?
The trees are still against the dark autumn sky; a stray cat scurries across the street.

4. There's a rubber stamp mark on your hand. What does it say?
“Go to bed.” It's late, and I really should!

5. Suppose you could travel to any place in time and history. When and where are you going?
I am going to Nazareth to seek Jesus. I love my current relationship with him, but seeing him in the flesh on earth? There are no words.

@magtwi78 - 

I loved this story from its first line, a line I read several times on its own before continuing with the story. It gave me pause and filled me with questions--Who is he? Who is she? And what does it mean that she was first? And that she lost him to her sister and has found a way to be happy about it? Whew! I could go on and on, but suffice it to say, I adored this story from the first line to the last. Bravo!!

@femme_mal -
Beyond the fact that you write so well, this story captured my heart for its poignant power. Your word choice was flawless, creating a clear, evocative picture of this grieving grandpa and the precious girl for whom he now lives. The final line is full of hope, making me smile bittersweetly. Bravo!

@TinsleyWarren -
I was not expecting a father-daughter pairing… what a sweet, pleasant surprise! I’m a Daddy’s girl from waaaay back, so this story touched my heart in a special way.

@Sherbert20111 - Your story has some of my favorite phrases of the week: “... two figures twirling in fits and starts…” “... fighting the sense that her ears are on fire and her tact has left the building.” Very evocative. You have quite a way with words!

@PinkCookie - You really capture the anguish and heartache one feels when a beloved pet dies. God bless the woman in his life for her thoughtfulness, and I hope his new little Aggie brings years of joy to his broken heart :-)

@jdifrans - This right here… “I am everything I never wanted to be” … is a story in and of itself. So layered, potent, and poetic. And as she explains their coming together, how she knew it was one-sided but hoped her love would be enough, my heart breaks. Well done.


Congratulations @magtwi78!

Thank you to @ladylibre for judging, and to everyone who participated.

See you next week.

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