Thursday, November 7, 2013

week 41 fanficflashfic

Here is the prompt, chosen by this week's judge, @moonlit__girl.

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Have your 100 - 200 words submitted by 12:01am Friday, November 8, US EDST.

We want anything and everything: poetry, prose, fanfic, OF. 


Leave your entry as a comment - include your word count, and your twitter handle if you have one.

Probably good practice to reference any source material, too. 

FYI - entries that exceed (or are under) the word limits will not be considered by the judge.

Also, I've had a few questions lately regarding the submission of more than one entry. Yes, you may submit more than one flashfic. I'm going to say a maximum of two (2) entries though. Furthermore, they're not to be continuations, or related to each other in any way -- they need to be completely separate, stand alone entries. 


  1. Word count: 200 per GDocs

    = = =


    Safe, but alone.

    After all the agitation, the flurry of activity, Mellie sagged against the forgiving cushions in the train, her head lolling to one side. Not seeing the landscape slide past her gaze, she gave the bare appearance of engaging with the scenery.

    In truth, she had nothing with which to engage, nothing to look forward to as the train carried her away. It was enough, she thought as her heart slowed and her eyelids grew heavy, to be left alone. To be safe.


    Mellie didn’t recognize that she had been addressed. Ma’am? I’m only seventeen… She coughed to clear her throat and made herself look at the young man who had spoken. “Pardon me?”

    “You all right?”

    Automatically, she nodded. “Of course.” And then she felt it, the cool, damp patch on her cheek. Blushing, she brushed her face with her hand. “I’m fine.”

    Without an invitation, the young man sat next to her and hefted a backpack to his lap. “Okay. Hungry?”

    About to say No, Mellie was embarrassed to hear her stomach rumble.

    “I guess you are. Apple?”

    She took it with a thankful look. She still felt safe, but no longer so alone.

  2. @ladylibre
    Word count: 199

    (clickety-clack, clickety-clack)

    I ache in every place

    A cavern littered with hapless ashes

    Burned at the stake she claimed

    And she can never know


    Angels shouldn’t beg

    Worship idols on their knees

    Or sully perfect lips with a serpentine kiss

    A sloppy sacrifice no fiend could resist

    I surely did not

    (clickety-clack, clickety-clack)

    The rocking rhythm syncopates my regret

    With more than miles between heartache and me

    She dies if I stay

    I die as I go

    It is better this way

    She can never know


    Sunlight burns my skin, singeing my shame

    I wish it were night



    Alpha and Omega with each seminal push


    She wept as I moved, limbs and longing tangled in sheets of ecstatic evasion

    Glorious she gave

    Greedy I took

    Sweeping, seeping, and soft

    The coda of a farewell song

    (clickety-clack, clickety-clack)

    She clutched my shirt as if my very soul, refusing to let go

    Her need was my undoing

    So I tried again


    Ruthless, shameless

    Her sighs a symphony of sensual noise

    Fallen on the ears of the deaf

    The die was cast


    Evening passed


    And mourning came


    Goodbye is a lie


  3. Word count: 200 words, on the nose
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011


    I lean back against the train headrest, pulling air into my lungs in huge gulps, saturating my blood with oxygen, finally. Finally I can draw real breaths, and not those nervous, little tip-of-my-lungs-short-sniffs I’ve been taking the last fifteen years.

    Real, honest, deep breaths. It is liberating. And scary. And wonderful.

    It is done. I have left him.

    My heart is finally slowing down its race.

    I have run so far. I have run so fast.

    But most of all, I have run so hard; now it is time for me to take a deep breath, and remember to let it out again. Repeat.

    Never again will his hand come down on any part of my body. Never again, neither in caress nor in pain—I will not tolerate it.

    Next time, if there is a next time, I will kill him before he can hurt me again.

    It’s do or die-time.

    I owe this to myself, and I owe it to the young girl inside me who screamed for help when none was to be had.

    Who wailed from a void whence nobody could save her.

    She has saved herself, now.

    I have saved me.

    We are again, one.


    PS, pretty pretty face-lift of this page!

  4. Ridin’ the rails… take a random track and let life take you where it will. I started out in the rainy northwest and travelled south until the trees were sparse and the ground was dry and dusty. The only constants to my journey have been the clickety-clack of the rails and my thoughts of you.

    I thought we were forever, but you showed me I was wrong. When you told me there was another, I saw red and put my hands around your throat and showed you that you were wrong too. Of course, I let you go; at least you got a small taste of the pain I am feeling.

    Now, I’m drifting along, using my rail pass randomly to see what I might see. I’m in the mountains and delayed by cold, drifting snow. Ah, there is the train whistle, and the train goes.

    Clickety-clack, I miss you so. Clickety-clack, I love you so. Clickety-clack, what a sad sack. Clickety-clack, I want you back.

    I stand and pull the emergency stop handle. As the train slows, I jump into the snow. It will be a long walk back, but I just can’t take any more of that clickety-clack.

    1. Ooops - 200 words
      Also -- Shell, love the new watercolor background -- pink is my favorite ;-)

  5. Empty bed
    Empty head
    Shower cold
    Feeling bold
    Plaid shirt
    Denim skirt
    Ticket out
    No scream
    No shout
    Where are we going
    We don’t know
    Who will be there
    When we get there
    Nobody we know
    We know
    Tickety ticket
    Clickety click
    Away we say
    Away we go
    Sights are new
    Sounds are new
    A room with a view
    A job or two
    A smile
    A nod
    Hello and then
    A friend
    Pillows to share
    Going somewhere
    Life is better
    Love is tender
    “I’m going away
    For work”
    You say
    “I’ll be back”
    “I’d like that”
    Silence is cold
    Cold grows old
    Empty bed


  6. Pinkcookie (PM me at
    200 words

    My mind is so, so weary. I feel so, so tired.

    The landscape slides by as the train speeds along. I close my eyes to rest. At intervals, I open them to look out the window. It seems like I’ve got a huge Viewmaster toy and each time I open my eyes it gets clicked to show a new scene. But that scenery can’t erase what plays constantly in my mind. The scene where you slump to the floor with a bullet wound in your head.

    The detective escorting me across state lines leans in to ask if I need a bathroom break. I look at him blankly, but nod my head yes.

    Outside the toilet, he unlocks my handcuffs. I turn quickly, knock him down and viciously kick him in the head until he is still. Pulling him inside, I take his gun and leave.

    In the bar car, I order a double shot of Wild Turkey and down it in two swallows.

    I open the door leading outside the train and place the gun to my head. As I pull the trigger, I let myself fall.

    I’m sorry I couldn’t protect you. I’ll be with you soon baby.