Thursday, August 15, 2013

week 29 fanficflashfic

Here are the prompts chosen by last week's winner, and this week's judge, @jacndaniel.

You may use one or both to inspire your writing.

For those playing on their phones, the song is Galia Arad's I Will be Loved (by You).

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Have your 100 - 200 words submitted by 12:01am Friday, August 16, US EDST.

We want anything and everything: poetry, prose, fanfic, OF. 


Leave your entry as a comment - include your word count, and your twitter handle if you have one.

Probably good practice to reference any source material, too. 

FYI - entries that exceed (or are under) the word limits will not be considered by the judge.

Also, I've had a few questions lately regarding the submission of more than one entry. Yes, you may submit more than one flashfic. I'm going to say a maximum of two (2) entries though. Furthermore, they're not to be continuations, or related to each other in any way -- they need to be completely separate, stand alone entries. 

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  1. Word count: 199
    Twitter: @midnightsun1901

    With her blurry eyes squeezed shut and the entirety of her youthful face pressed up against her lover's flannel shirt, effectively blinding herself from the world and its cruelties, she is able to manifest a pleasant delusion, one so often conjured up that it almost felt real.

    In it, she is a highly treasured individual, not just another meaningless component of flesh and bone, but someone special. Her spirit is not taunted, not tested but encouraged and lively. Here, there is no need for her to build up a shield to deflect piercing, hurtful words. Her hair isn't a whispy, dull mop that induces snickering by many, but a glowing, golden mane that they all envy. Her clothes aren't cheap and tatted, but instead start fashion trends where people try fruitlessly for hours to recreate it for their own superficial gain. She is good enough for the man who now cradles her delicately in his arms.

    Her eyes snap open harshly and she pulls back from him as she realises fantasizing won't change the truth.

    But the way that he smiles at her tenderly in return convinces her that maybe, just maybe, he doesn't care about all of that.

    1. Judge's Comment: This left me feeling so hopeful for these characters. The love was so evident in the narrators voice.

  2. @moonlit__girl
    197 words

    his head is heavy
    on my shoulder and
    his arms tight around me.
    i have scared him. good.

    seven words.
    seven stupid words.

    i skipped group, left a note
    for him instead.
    he wasn’t supposed to
    read through the words to
    what i really meant.
    i’ll be more careful
    next time.

    his arms don’t loosen.

    i thought the words
    were similar enough to
    what i usually say.
    i mean,

    it’s not like i’ve never
    skipped group before.
    commiserating with
    other recovering junkies
    gets old.

    seven words:
    “skipping. try to manage without me. love-”

    i hear waves
    crashing on the rocks below.

    forty-three steps from
    where we stand, meadow turns
    to forest and drops
    a hundred feet to the sea.

    so close, this time.

    i wipe my nose. his
    voice is raspy, a shadow of
    what it should be.
    “you were going to do it,
    weren’t you?”

    i laugh. “you, of all people!”
    he tightens his hold,
    picks up his head, says
    “we talked about this.”

    my chest hurts.
    words fall out of my
    mouth without thought.
    “sobriety and unreturned love are
    the same as drowning.”

    his eyes darken.
    “no, they're not.”

    arms fall.
    the sea is loud.

    1. Good lord. You slay me. So good.

    2. Judge's Comment: Honorable Mention- I loved this. It was so fluid, like poetry or a song.

  3. Twitter handle: @sri_ffn
    Word Count: 199


    “Why?” She sniffed. I hated when I heard that tremor in her voice.

    “You said—“ She hiccupped. I’d heard enough, and she was standing too far away. I caught her waist; she wiggled in my arms but calmed a little when she heard my voice.

    “And I was serious when I said it. I mean it right now, too. I will always mean it, Amy. I love you. I hate what happened just as much as you do. I hate that my slut of an ex-girlfriend had no boundaries. I hate her because you’re in tears because of her.” I buried my face in her hair; I loved that smell. It’s a fruity, flowery smell. That smell is just so—Amy. it’s my favorite smell in this world.

    “I never want to see tears in your beautiful eyes, baby.” I hugged her closer to me. She turned her face in my neck.

    “So she—“

    “Yes, she was the one being obnoxious, invading my personal space. You should be mad I almost got raped!” I exclaimed dramatically.

    “Shut up!” She giggled and proceeded to slap my chest.

    “There’s my sweet girl!” I buried her face in my chest.


    1. Judge's Comment: I wasn't really sure what the tone of this was supposed to be. She seemed so upset, but he was joking around. I'm glad it had a happy ending!

  4. @Twilightladies1
    Word Count 200

    I’ve never understood why people always say they’re sorry.

    What are they sorry for?

    I zone out. I nod my head, and thank them like the dutiful daughter I am.

    Instead, I focus on my happy place. We used to have a father-daughter night every Thursday. The plans would change depending on our mood. I used to love going to the movies with him.

    Today is Thursday.

    Instead of standing in front of his coffin as they lower him to the ground, I pretend we’re at the movies. I can smell the popcorn and hear him huff as I pick a comedy film as opposed to an action.

    Tears fall and I can hear my mother sobbing. He wasn’t supposed to leave us. It wasn’t his time.

    Is this why everyone is sorry?

    As soon as it’s over—I run.

    I hear you following me, begging me to stop.

    You’ve been my rock today. I know I wouldn’t have got through this without you.

    I stop when we reach our meadow. I fall to my knees, screaming for my father.

    Your arms surround me, and I continue to sob as you hold me tight.

    You never once say you’re sorry.

    1. Judge's Comment: Her memories are so sweet, though her pain is overwhelming. It almost felt like she was watching the funeral happen from outside of her body. Very realistic.

  5. Word count: 200 words, on the nose
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011


    Just once, I would love for you to come looking for me.

    Just once, would that it were you searching high and low for me.

    Searching, with held breath, scared of what I might find. Searching, while fervently hoping that this time—this time!—it will all be better, you won’t be sad, or angry, or desperate, or high.

    My sister. My sister, fading in front of my very eyes. So I run, once again, through all your haunts, searching, fretting.

    No use. I find you. Again. In pieces. Silly and happy smile on your face.

    I hate that smile.

    I am your brother, and you cling to me like I could make a difference. But I fear that I cannot.

    All I can do is hold you tight when you are found, time and time again. Hoping that next time it will be easier. Or better. Or at least not so bad.

    And knowing that it will probably be way worse.

    Just once, I would so love for you to come looking for me.

    Before everything blows up in your face. At a moment where we can actually do something about it, and not just drown in the riptides.


    1. <3

    2. Judge's Comment: First Place- Wow! This ripped my heart out! The frustration and anger that comes with being the sibling of an addict is something I have first hand experience with. Your words oozed helplessness and they killed me.

    3. Thank you, Judge. It is SO important to remember that we are ALLOWED to be angry. And frustrated. And heartbroken. Not just strong, all the time.
      Thank you.

  6. @everydaybella89
    Words: 180

    “Where are we going?”

    “You’ll find out. Just trust me.”

    I felt her tense up at my words. Trust was not something that came easily for my Bella. She had been betrayed too many times in the past. I was going to prove to her that I could be trusted though.

    She didn’t say anything after that, and I continued to guide her through the woods. I made sure she didn’t trip and that none of the low branches could scratch her face.

    Finally we stood in the meadow and I removed the blindfold. The meadow was awash in reds, purples, and greens. The late afternoon sun had made everything look brillant. I would almost have called it beautiful.

    “Edward, it’s...”

    She was speechless. That had never happened. I wrapped my arms around her from behind so that I didn’t obscure her view.

    “How did you find it?”

    “I went hiking with my brothers and thought you would like it.:

    “Guess I should trust you a little more.”

    She curled into my embrace and I figured we would be okay.

    1. Judge's Comment: This one made me smile! It felt happy and fun. I'm glad someone found the whimsy in the prompts.

  7. Pinkcookie (PM me at
    200 words

    I love it here! One moment we’re in a meadow bathed in golden light, your arms wrapped around me, surrounded by peace and love. The next moment we’re together in our beautiful new home.
    “Look babe, they’re showing your motivational speech on TV again.” Looking down, I watched myself as I whipped up the women in the audience. “Remember!” I paraphrased Hemingway, “marriage can only end one of two ways – divorce or your partner’s death – and neither one is happy!”

    “I remember that day. I was positive my message was absolutely correct and true. I remember telling the audience they didn’t need a husband to be happy and fulfilled. I told them they were responsible for their own happiness, and marriage was a risk that was doomed to end badly.”

    “I guess God meant to teach me a lesson when he opened the door to my heart and said I would be loved by you!” I laughed to my new husband.

    “I think God also meant to teach you and your audience that marriage can end happily when both partners die at the same time and go to Heaven!” you laughed.

    “Especially if you die on your honeymoon!” I smirked.

    1. Judge's Comment: The last line of this was very memorable. I liked the dialogue and the energy between the two of them.

  8. @Mylisssa
    Words: 200

    With my head beside his on the pillow, I stare into his eyes as if his thoughts will scroll across in printed words. He cannot hold my gaze, and that says it all. Even if he could, it might not matter. I don’t belong here.

    I open my heart a bit more anyway—show him my soul, yearning for his even as my conscience is guiding me away.

    He yawns, mouth open for too long, overly dramatic and pissing me off.

    “I’m going to go.” I gather my clothes and shoes from where they lie, strewn around the room.

    With his arm over his eyes, he just lies there doing nothing. I could pick a fight, try to ignite his passion, but I’ve given up.
    Having put myself together with one last buckle on my shoe, I eye the door, almost feeling the freedom on the other side.

    Shoulders back, I take a step, and then another. Arms circle around me.


    Leaning back against him, I sigh, but it has nothing to do with relief. I’ve given into him again. Maybe one day I’ll run faster. Maybe one day he won’t stop me. Maybe one day he’ll love me.

    1. Judge's Comment: Gah! I think we have all been there in one way or another. I could feel her disappointment and anxiety. And in the end hope.

  9. Sherbert20111 on FF
    Wordcount: 200

    “We should stop coming here.”

    Silence greases my jaw. It was ever so with him. I never did know what to say, so I say everything as always. He’s still the pace apart he was when he arrived and my mouth ran off with my common sense.

    “We do this every year. I don’t think he’s up there watching. I don’t think he cares for crop circles or Chinese lanterns or libations in his memory.” It stings to say it almost as much as the needle did.

    His head tilts to one side while he stares.

    I check behind me. When I look back he stifles a smile, serious again and so grown up now. Silent, though we are here for HIS brother.

    “Jed says you got a tattoo.” His voice is husk and dry.

    “Jed has a big mouth.” I turn away, hugging myself because he doesn’t and I might spill or burst or both.

    “Will you show it to me?”

    “I could.” But I don’t want to, save that it might make him think about me the way I think about him.

    “Where is it?” Arms surround me. There’s no harm in him looking for it.

    Is there?

    1. Oooh, gave me chills. I loved it. (BTW I think it would be cre-eepy!) Pinkcookie

    2. Judge's Comment: THIRD PLACE

  10. @bebeginja
    Word Count: 199

    “Marry me, Bella.” His tone is jovial as he grabs me from behind and sulks over my shoulder. We took a walk in the woods behind my house. Edward’s buzzed, his girlfriend just dumped him.

    “Edward, quit being so mopey.” I try to shrug him off, but my petite frame is never a match for his height. “And clingy.”

    He squeezes me tighter and leans down to my ear. “I’m serious.”

    I ignore the warmth that courses through me.

    “We’re only sixteen. I’m not marrying you –“


    “-and anyway it’s never been like that with us-“


    “and I’m not a rebound girl, I’m not your type, and you’re high and depressed.”

    He slumps, still holding me. The weight of his heart feels heavier than his body.

    I can’t help but find him adorable this way, with his ego quieted and his cockiness subdued. Vulnerable. Tender. Only I get to see this Edward.

    “But you will, right? When we’re done with school, out of college? Promise me, B.”

    I giggle as he stumbles and we fall to the ground. Silly boy.

    Lying next to him under the trees, our laughter subsides, and I sigh a promise.

    “Someday, Edward … yes.”

  11. ChocoMG2112
    Word count: 199

    She was coming.

    Her first born, Deyanira, was her most dangerous and prolific assassin. For millennia, Deyanira wandered the earth, clearing the chaff and refuse of men in Seraphina’s name.

    The moment Deyanira stepped in the water, Seraphina felt a different tenor to Deyanira’s thoughts. Instead of wanting to share tales of conquest, she had a request.

    The demon goddess rose from her throne and stepped to the fire stone. “Show me,” she whispered. Images flickered and appeared in the stone, and Seraphina’s heart soared with pride as she watched Deyanira kill, burn and revel in destruction.

    The images of this last man appeared. At first, she roared in laughter that he was a priest. What would his Church think?

    The man was quite beautiful, rivaling her daughter. His eyes… There was something intoxicating about those deeply blue eyes.

    She slowly replayed the last images. Lovers were entwined in a deeply intimate and erotic embrace. They shared words of love between passionate kisses.

    Seraphina screamed in incredulous fury when she realized the truth of her daughter’s wish. Deyanira danced the razor’s edge because this man should be long dead.

    So, who would Seraphina destroy? Her daughter or the man?

    1. Judge's Comment: This was scary and so unique! I wish I knew what part of the prompts prompted these words. Such an interesting take.

    2. Thank you for the Honorable Mention.

      The prompt that pulled this from my brain was the lovers embracing in the picture.


  12. @purelyamuse
    200 words

    “Like she can make friends . . .”

    Eyes fierce, lips a thin line. I’ve gone too far. She downs her water and steps outside, eyes in the room following her.

    “Is she mad at you?” “Here we go again.” “Why can’t they just make out and put the rest of us out of our misery?”

    I follow her thunderous wake through the field of weeds and tall grass.

    “Come on. I’m joking,” I say to her back. “You can make friends. I mean, look at me.”

    Her feet halt; her shoulders shrug with a deep breath, but then they’re shaking.

    “Hey, I’m sorry. I—”

    “You know what?” She’s crying. “I may not be Miss Super Friendly, but I make friends. And I am a good one. A great one.”

    I sigh, hands in my pockets so I won’t touch her. Prickly exterior and all, I want to.

    It’s a compulsion now, one I keep tamped down by insulting her.

    Do it, coward.

    Arms around her now. Whispering, “The truth is I don’t want you making friends in college. I don’t want anyone else knowing you; I want you all to myself.”

    Eyes wide, gasping breath.

    Lips on mine.

    1. Judge's Comment: I was so sad for her in the beginning. I could feel her embarrassment. I really liked that he admitted his selfishness and fear of losing her. Honesty is always a good place to start.

  13. @CrackedFic
    199 words


    "OK, right hand on belly. Got it. Your turn."

    He waited. "Come on. Spin."

    She spun.

    "It says right hand on nose."

    "So, do that."

    She did.

    He spun.

    "A tough one. Right cheek on right shoulder." He made the move, then told her to go.

    She spun the wheel.

    "Left hand on forearm." She did it, feeling the warmth of his skin.

    Neither moved.

    The air stilled and the sun kept setting and the girl took in a deep breath.

    "Does it get any easier?"

    The boy breathed in through her hair and he smiled a little. "No," he said. "It never does."

    He squeezed her slightly. Then a little more. He gently dug the tips of his fingers into the soft flesh under her ribs.

    She squirmed away. "I'm serious."

    "Yeah. Too serious." He ducked his head and placed his forehead against hers. "Come on. Let’s get back to the game."

    She sighed. "Are you ever gonna get serious?"

    He winced inwardly, careful not to show it. He had never taken anything so seriously as he took her happiness.

    "There's nothing more serious," he said, "than Body Twister. Now lets play."

    And so she spun the wheel.

    1. Judge's Comment: This was definitely original. All I kept wondering is if Body Twister is a real thing!

  14. “I’m so sorry, Melinda,” I whispered as wrapped my body around her. I held the stuffed animal in one hand as our arms entwined.

    She grabbed on to my embrace tightly and began to sob. I tried to hold her comfortably around her belly. She was still sore from losing our baby, not only physically, but emotionally as well. Hell, I knew I was still hurting. I was raw.

    I was driving us to a doctor appointment on that fateful day. I had pulled over onto the shoulder when Melinda started experiencing horrible pain in her abdomen. She was very early in her pregnancy, about ten weeks. I didn’t even see the eighteen-wheeler until it was too late. It rear-ended us, totaling our SUV instantly. Airbags were futile as we were jolted, lifted, and then squished forward from behind.

    Days later, it was Melinda’s idea to stop by the scene of the accident. While we looked perfectly normal, the highway did not. Skid marks and bits of plastic littered the scene. We walked through the wildflowers along the side of the road until we saw a bright light.

    “Let’s go. Our baby is waiting for us.”

    196 words

    1. Judge's Comment: Sad, sad, sad! This was a heartbreaker. The loss of a child is unfathomable. I'm glad they found peace.