Wednesday, January 30, 2013

the rules and stuff

They're pretty simple, really.

We'll play on Thursdays, US EST. When is that where you are?

12:01am Thursday until 11:59pm.

You've got that twenty-four hours to write 100-200 words, based on the prompt given. The prompt might be a word, a phrase, a picture, a song ... anything to get those words flowing.

You can write whatever you'd like. Fanfic, original characters, anything! (Unless it's really hateful or something. But you're not going to write stuff like that, anyway, are you? Of course you're not.)

So write away, then post your entry in the comments section! (Not here! In the comments pertaining to the week's prompt.)

Remember to include the word count for your entry, as well as your twitter handle.

And then ...

Our judge will choose a winner ... who gets ... well, the winner gets all the glory, as well as the responsibility for choosing next week's prompt and winner!

Happy writing!



  1. dumb question - can we post these drabbles to our own FFn profiles? Like, either before or after the judging? Or whenever?

    1. sure thing! post them wherever you'd like :)

  2. Word Count: 192
    Twitter: @Anna_Faze

    I come upon them in the north field, my sister’s legs wrapped around Emmett in a display of ownership that isn’t intended for me, but cuts my heart in two just the same.

    He held me like that once too, late at night in the dark where no one could see us. He held my eyes and then my mouth and when, after a long time, he pulled away, he bit my lip until it bled. There was greeting and recognition and a sweet, sad farewell in that single kiss, over long before it should have been.

    I take care not to meet his eyes when Rosalie is near, take care not to even look at him but still I feel flayed open every time he takes the space in the corner of my eye.

    Something else catches my eye now. A tiny light on Rosalie’s finger that’s newly put there, and something in me flares bright for a single moment, and then dies.

    I’ve heard there’s people like Emmet and me who live free in the city.

    But that doesn’t happen here.

    I turn and walk away, biting my lip until it bleeds.

  3. What's the judging criteria? Is there any?

  4. Basically, I'm happy to leave that up to the judge.

    In this instance, Believey asked me to put all the entries in a gdoc for her, without the author's names attached, so she's judging them anonymously :)

  5. Can we participate even if we don't have a twitter account?

  6. can it be an outtake from one of our FF stories?

  7. sure, as long as it's within the word limit, anything is fine.