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  1. Twitter: @VanCanuckGrl
    Word count: 192
    She was a no-make up, jeans and a tee-shirt sort of girl. The night I proposed, the denim pants she wore had holes in both knees; flip-flops adorned her feet. And yet she’d never looked more beautiful. Really, the outfit couldn’t be more perfect for the occasion. It was understated and comfortable, reminding me why I loved her so. There was nothing complicated about her; my girl was as humble and down to earth as one could get.

    As the sun dipped into the Pacific, the sky was a myriad of colors that no painter could replicate if he tried. I stopped walking as she went a few steps ahead, taking in the beauty. Her beauty. Long, dark hair, loose and wavy, plucked off her shoulders by the ocean breeze. When she turned to look at me, her hand held her hair away from her face.

    I told her I needed her forever; that my love was for always. Though I never formally asked her to be my wife, she accepted my ring with a resounding ‘yes’ instantly. With her arms and legs wrapped around me, I knew that I was whole.

  2. @shellisthimbles
    230 INELIGIBLE words.


    I feel the weight of the covenant we’re about to enter. It’s heavy on my finger, and I’m sure my left hand hangs lower, swings millimetres closer to the ground as we walk. I lift my hand and flex my fingers, looking at them closely. They look the same, my fingers. They’re not swollen, and yet the platinum band seems to shrink, squeezing tight, until I can feel my pulse throbbing beneath it. It’s pretty, I guess—simple, not really my style. Nothing like the ring I imagined I would one day wear.

    I can already taste the promises we’ll speak next weekend. They fizz and pop on the tip of my tongue, like champagne—or acid. I swallow hard, and motion for him to hand me the water bottle he carries. I drain the last of it, wiping the moisture from my lips with the back of my hand.

    He stops, and I’ve gone on several paces before I notice. I look over my shoulder. “What’re you–”

    He looks up at me, smile wide. Just like that, the weight lifts, the acid sweetens. The ring might not be what I pictured, and the vows may have been written by someone else, hundreds of years dead, and the reception may be more about my mother than me, but he—he is exactly whom I want, whom I’ve always wanted.

  3. @deebelle1
    Word Count: 200 un-beta'd words

    He was finally home, safe and sound in my arms. He would spend the rest of his life as my husband, my corporal. My legs were wound tightly around his waist and my arms wrapped around his shoulders as I stared into his eyes. Life had meaning and purpose again now that he was back.

    “I’ve missed you so much,” I said.

    He left behind all the death and destruction that had almost taken his life more than once these last four years. I prayed day and night that he would be protected while he served this beautiful country that we called home, that God and our love would bring him back to me in one piece.

    The world melted away as I welcomed my heart, my soul, my love home. Happy tears flowed as looked into his weary eyes. The years had been rough on him, but it didn’t change the way I felt.

    “I love you. Take me home. Make love to me.”

    “Nothing would make me happier,” he replied.

    He carried me to the car and then into the house, where he placed me onto the bed.

    “I survived because of you. Your love guided me home.”

  4. Twitter: BedeliaJane
    Word count: 182

    The fifty-sixth time, she was wearing that stupid brown wig.

    Alice bought it for her when she felt like a change. Yeah, thanks, Alice. I thought the damn thing looked like a dead cat, but I wasn’t about to tell Rose. I’m not an idiot.

    So, anyway, there I was with another ring in my pocket, waiting for my wife to stop wearing a cat on her head. For once, I didn’t know how to propose. I’d already done dozens of big ones: hot air balloon, flash mob, the cliche of half-time, and so on.

    To be honest, all of the weddings are my fault. I just can’t stop asking her.

    She leaned against my chest, fitting there the way she always does, and just like that, the words wouldn’t stay locked up. It was like seeing her when I woke up to this life: sharper than need, more natural than breath. On bended knee, I asked her to marry me. Again. Leaping into my arms, she gave me her answer.

    I’ll never get tired of hearing her say yes.

  5. Words: 182
    Twitter: @LisbethTejada


    My legs go around his waist as soon as his arms go behind my back. The holes in my jeans stretch until I can feel the wind in my knees. I feel free. In his arms, I feel like myself.

    Our kiss is strong and unbreakable; just like our love. His touch is as soothing as it is igniting. Passion has always overruled our encounters, but in the mist of our chaos we find tenderness.

    I find the nape of his neck and hold his face in place to lose myself inside his mouth. I wish I could stay here forever. My back touches the wall as the friction of our bodies get to the risky place of no return. He gives me what I want and crave and need. He understands me.

    “Let go.” He begs, knowing I’m fighting my orgasm. I fall with a breathless cry.
    When I untangle my limbs from his body, he takes my hands and kisses my wrists.

    The gold band on my ring, reminds me of my mistakes.

    I said yes to the wrong man.

  6. Word count: 199. Twitter: @CallMePagliacci
    “Are you ready?”
    Bella grinned at me. I took the ring from my pocket. The riptide of its force was already swirling around me, raising the hairs on the back of my neck. My heart beat faster. Her breathing quickened.
    “Never gonna get used to this,” she said and offered me her hand.
    “Hold on tight.” I slid the ring onto her third finger; with each increment closer to her knuckle, the power crackling in the air intensified. Wind gusted, blowing away this world and replacing it with another. Color leeched from the walls of my tiny room. The fog of Limbo hissed around us.
    The new world the ring had sent us to splattered into place like paint flung from a brush. The wind howled, swirling faster until it screamed in my ears. My gut twisted and I held Bella tighter—I’d never let my nightmare of her being torn from my arms in this un-place become reality.
    Bella threw her legs around my waist. Wherever, whatever this world was, we’d arrive together. A final buffeting gale and the wind vanished.
    Bella’s lips brushed against my ear and she whispered, “Let’s get lost.”

  7. Yes. Yes… Oh my god, YES!

    I’ve been wishing, hoping, dreaming (and, I admit, laying hints) for so long. I know he’s the one—my forever. I’ve known for a while, for months. But I was starting to doubt… well, to doubt whether he felt the same.

    Christmas passed, then New Year’s, then Valentine’s Day... Every time we went to dinner, every time my jeans-and-t-shirt guy dressed up, my heart would race, my breath would catch—just a little. ‘Will today be the day?’

    My birthday was the worst, full of hopeful anticipation. I struggled to tamper it down, to protect my heart from inevitable disappointment which he, unfortunately, delivered: a lovely gift certificate to a spa. ‘I love it—thanks, Baby.’ My acting skills are much improved this year.

    So, today we took the dog to the beach, same as most Saturdays. Nothing special. I was staring wistfully at the water, contemplating, ‘Is it time to walk away?’

    “This is exactly where I want to be,” he said. “Today, next year, twenty years from now…” I turned to see him on one knee, hopeful anticipation in his eyes. “Right here with you.”

    Yes. Yes… Oh my god, YES!

    Word Count: 200 (right on the dot)

  8. @Donut_Magnet Word count:192

    Nothing had ever felt so right. His strong body pinned me against the wall, my legs a vice around his waist.

    This was the way it was supposed to be.

    My heart pounded as it always did when he was near. The yearning inside me never satisfied, not even when we were joined as one.

    My hand found its favoured spot, the soft hairs of his nape tickling my palm. A soft sigh escaped us both, content and yet not. I licked my lips as my eyes focused on his pouty bottom lip, how I loved to suck on that plump flesh as he drove into me.

    But it was his eyes, his dark green, hypnotic eyes that held me captive. I could see my world in his eyes, my future.

    I lowered my forehead to his shoulder, unable to main eye contact any longer. I couldn’t do this anymore, not to the man I loved more than the stars in the night sky. I had to end it. I had to tell my fiancé it was over.

    I had fallen for another.

    I had fallen for a man with green eyes.

  9. @magtwi78
    166 words. Not a beta in sight.


    It’s her eyes I want to see every single morning. I want to see them when I wake up the morning after I make her mine forever. I want to see them in the face of our children. I want to see them, love and laugh line creased, on our fiftieth wedding anniversary.

    So I told her so.

    I pressed my right knee into the pavement, my fingers grasping hers. She copied my pose, matching me. I promised to be hers forever. She promised to always be my equal. I asked her if, when we rose to our feet, she’d walk by my side always.

    Denim-covered but bare-kneed, she said yes.

    We stood, and a burst of joy left her lips. She wrapped herself around me and I felt the solid band of -yes- against my back.

    I've never felt as strong as I do now. I'm holding the universe in my hands.

    My strength comes from knowing she wears my promise on hers.

  10. @katiewinkles
    Word Count: Two-freakin-hundred.

    “Are you really going to argue with me about this? Now?”

    She sighs through her nose, lips pursed. “I just don’t know why we come here all the time. There are other good restaurants in the city.”

    I can’t help but smirk. No one does pissy like my wife.

    “I like it here. The food’s good, the service is good. Don’t you like it?”

    Her foot wiggles violently under the table, the glasses and cutlery making a quiet tinkling noise with the movement. “I would just like to go somewhere different, okay? Somewhere with a decent selection of wines that offers a—" her voice lowers, and always the lady, she looks around furtively, “fucking vegetarian option other than the side salad.”

    My fork hovers over my pasta, my eyes fixated as she licks her lips before wrapping them around her fork.

    Jesus. This woman.

    Even angry – especially angry – she can stop my heart with nothing more than a smear of dressing on her lower lip.

    The precious stone on her finger glints as she lifts her fork again, and in that moment, I’m just happy I’m the one she chose to argue with for the rest of her life.

  11. @annetteinoz
    Word Count: 172

    Look at them! It makes me sick. She’s acting like she hasn’t seen him for months, when she saw him only yesterday. I want to look away but my eyes keep darting back to the ring on her finger. Each time is like another knife in my heart.

    Why? I still don’t understand why. What was wrong with me? Why wasn’t I enough? I loved him with all I had and he left me for her.

    I glance over again and this time she’s looking right at me. She smirks then kisses him.

    He finally puts her down and wraps his arm around her waist. As they walk away he glances over his shoulder and sees me. Our gazes collide and, for a moment, he looks almost regretful, then his eyes harden and he turns away.

    I want to cry. I want to rage and scream, but I stop myself. No more. He’s made his choice and he has to live with it.

  12. @VampsHaveLaws
    Word Count: 198

    Our connection started with loneliness; it was sealed with a ring.

    My heart had been full of dusty corners; his hands cleared away the cobwebs.

    “Say yes.” His eyes implored.


    His relief hurt to look at, so bright and big it was. “Good enough.”

    He touched my face and wiped my tears and told me happiness was not meant to be contained behind windows and doors; that it was time to make the sun jealous.

    “It’s dark out,” I reminded him.

    “We have time,” he replied, something so simple, so permanent.

    Drunk off his sleepy smiles, I kissed his lips and tasted the stars.

    . . .

    “I’m too heavy,” I protested, my legs wrapped firmly around his waist as sand tried to swallow his feet.

    “I like it,” he assured, hitching me higher.

    With my left hand pressed between his shoulder blades, I could feel the distant echo of his heartbeat.

    “Are you nervous?” I asked, the rising sun making him fuzzy around the edges.

    “No.” He touched his lips to my chin.

    The waves protested. “Why?”

    “Because I’ve found a home in your face, and that comforts me.”

    A shiver, a shake of words, I whispered, “Good enough.”

  13. Word count: 118
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011

    All I can think about is how she can make or brake my day, as she jumps into my arms.
    All I can feel is her body, glued to mine. Her head leans against my shoulder, and I have her snug up against the dilapidated old wall down by the beach.

    Her lips, soft, wet, hot. Her eyes, with a twinkle and a flash of naughty.
    Even her knees, sticking out of her ripped jeans, are sexy.

    No nonsense, no make-up, no fancy jewelry, except that one piece of shining white gold.
    She is so beautiful. So like the diamond set deeply into that band of gold.
    And so not mine.
    I am her future husband’s best man.

  14. @BoydBlog
    Word Count: 199

    “How about this one?”

    I stopped reading the impersonal and cheesy message inside the pale pink engagement card I was holding.

    Edward held out another card to me. I looked skeptically at the photograph on the front; a man holding woman, her legs wrapped around his stomach. Her diamond ring became the focus of the shot.

    “It kind of looks like Emmett from behind, don’t you think?”

    “Yeah,” I agreed, “but the girl has the wrong hair color and Rosalie wouldn’t be caught dead in ripped jeans or those ugly sandals!” I laughed.

    Edward kissed my cheek and placed the card back on the rack.

    “We should just give them the present, no card. It’s not like they’re going to keep it,” he said as he glided his fingers through my hair.

    “I’d keep mine,” I whispered.


    Edward’s fingers caressed my neck.

    I looked up at him. “If you proposed to me. If we had an engagement party to celebrate with all our friends and family, I’d save every card, and every ribbon on every gift. I’d keep everything that signified my connection to you. I’d keep, everything.”


    His smile took my breath away.

    “I love you.”

  15. @she_viking
    word count: 198

    "No more flip flops and torn jeans. No more sun-kissed days and passionate nights. No more green eyes and bright smiles. The real world waited for her a plane ride away with its busy schedules, constricting pantyhose, torturous heels and a life with him. A life that she no longer wanted.
    Had she ever wanted it? The glitz, the glamour, the 100,000 dollar wedding?
    There was no time to speculate, because in that moment she found herself lifted and pushed up against the wall of the airport, surrounded by her green eyed lover, her holiday adventure.
    “Don’t leave!”
    His voice was hoarse, his breath warm against her neck.
    “What?” Her voice was a mere whisper. “What are you…?”
    “Please, don’t go. You don’t love him.”
    “I don’t,” she agreed easily.
    “Then stay here with me!”
    Hope blossomed in her chest.
    “You said it was just a fling,” she murmured, tightening her arms and legs around him.
    “I lied.”
    But his eyes spoke truth to her now. He loved her.
    “Take me home,” she whispered, slipping the engagement ring off, effortlessly.
    His lips tasted like saltwater and coconut. Like freedom. Like happily ever after in this island paradise. Together."

  16. Lady Gwynedd (200 words, exactly)

    “Brown Eyes.”

    “What are you doing here? I thought you were going?”

    “I thought so, too.”

    “What happened?”

    “I forgot something.”

    “But didn’t you miss your flight?”

    “Flights can be rebooked.”

    “What did you forget?”

    “My best friend. My Girl. I can’t leave her behind.”

    “But I thought we agreed to do the long distance thing.”

    “I know, but when it came down to it, I just couldn’t.”

    “I’m going to cry…”

    “Come with me, Brown Eyes? Please?”

    “What will dad say?”


    “I highly doubt that.”

    “This isn’t about your dad, this is about us. We have to make our own decisions.”

    “Well, I’d prefer him not to go chasing you with a shotgun.”

    “I think I have the answer to that, my love.”

    “My love? You’ve never called me that.”

    “Well, you are, you know.”

    “I am?”

    “Yes, I love you. I have for a long time.”

    “Why didn’t you tell me?”

    “I didn’t want to spoil what we had if you didn’t feel the same way.”

    “Oh, but I do love you, so much!”

    “Then, marry me, Brown Eyes.”

    “Marry you? Oh, yes…yes…yes!”

    “Look, my grandmother’s ring.”

    “It fits perfectly!”

    “No, Brown Eyes, we fit perfectly. Forever.”

  17. @sandyquill
    Word count - 192 via GDrive

    I watched her leap into his arms, the round diamond on her hand.

    Didn’t even want to think about where his hands were. Well, hell, yes I did. I fantasized about where his hands were but there wasn’t a damned thing I could do about it, could I?

    She’d always adored him. Counted me as her best friend, but—yeah. No.

    He told me the night before that he’d finally got the guts to pop the question.

    “About time,” I retorted before sliding an unlit cigarette between my lips. I didn’t light it—she hated that I smoked—but I had to feel it there out of habit. “She’s been waiting for a year, you know.”

    He snorted and elbowed my ribs as we stared at the dark silhouette of the city against the sky.

    So I watched him, waiting in the parking lot outside her building. Watched her run down the stairs to meet him. Watched him go down on one knee and all that. Watched her hold out her hand for the ring and then leap into his arms.

    I wonder, if she had met me before she met my twin, would I be the lucky guy?

  18. @missrebecca_12
    Word count 192 unbeta'd


    Big train stations are an interesting place to spend your time, and Lord knows I have endless amounts of it.

    You see everything in places like this. The good, the bad, and the ugly. Mostly though, you see happiness. After the commuters and kids on a day trip, you see families reunited, lovers meeting for the first or the millionth time.

    That day, though, I saw the best of it.

    She was beautiful, the girl from the one o’clock from Edinburgh, and I wondered if she’d come that far. He’d been waiting right behind the ticket line, bunch of flowers in his hand and an eager look on his face.

    When they saw each other, my heart broke. It was pure happiness, she couldn’t move fast enough. Before anyone knew it the flowers were on the floor, her bags forgotten at their feet as her arms were around his neck and her legs around his waist.

    He’d whispered something in her ear, and she’d started crying happy tears. Then he’d placed the ring on her finger.

    That’s when I left wishing, not for the last time, that I could have known love like that while I was alive.

    1. Really, really liked that one!

  19. @twilightmomofto
    Word Count: 200 (getting this down from 476 was painful)

    It was the last day of our vacation. We sat quietly in the sand, staring out over the vast ocean.
    "I won't be able to do this much longer."
    Fear shot through me at his words.
    His smile confused me.
    My heart was pounding in my chest.
    "My professor is transferring next semester."
    "Yeah, so?"
    "I'm his TA."
    "I'm transferring too."
    "Baby, I'm coming to Cornell. Do you know anyone there who might be interested in a roommate?"
    I slapped his chest. "You ass. I thought you were breaking up with me."
    "Break up with you? I'm doing this for us. I'm tired of not being able to see you every day, of not having you in my arms every night. Do you know what else I'm tired of?"
    He pulled me to my feet. "I'm tired of not seeing my ring on your finger."
    "Love of my life, woman of my dreams, kisser of my lips - marry me?"
    I choked around the lump in my throat. "Yes."
    Edward pushed the diamond ring onto my finger. I jumped him, wrapping my legs around his waist.
    Kisser of my lips, he'd said. So, I did.

  20. @quietdrabble
    Word Count: 200
    Title: Home

    My body froze, veins pumping pure anxiety through them, the moment I saw her again was no less difficult than the last. The last time I was leaving, and we knew even if I made it back we could not be together. She had him, but I wanted her. I’d had her, pleased her, many times but it was never enough. Felt her warm flesh beneath my fingers, explored her curves with my mouth, whispered filthy things in her ear and followed with promises we both knew I couldn’t keep.

    “Hi.” Her eyes mimicked her tentative tone.

    “What are you doing here?” I demanded.

    She didn’t back down or lower her head. She remained steadfast and breathtakingly beautiful. Christ, I wanted her—needed her. Then we were a blur of limbs and lips, frenzied within our desire. Our tongues and teeth conveyed the rest between demanding strokes and silent nibbles. We kissed as if it were our last. I held her in my arms again, her pert, little ass fitting perfectly between my hands, and her desirous whimpers tore at my resolve.

    There was no denying, I left for my country but returned solely for her; she held my salvation.

  21. @bkhchica
    Word Count: 198

    I watched them together. He was going to take her away. I could feel it my bones. The way she laughed when she was with him. The way her eyes shined when he walked into the room. They moved together, like they were tied to each other. She’d changed so much since she’d met him. She’d grown and matured- become a woman. I wasn’t ready for that.

    I couldn’t reconcile this young lady with the little girl that used to beg to stay up just five more minutes for another bedtime story. She wasn’t the child that made mud pies for my birthday. If I’d have known that time would pass so quickly, I’d have spent less time at the office and more with her.

    Even now he was replacing me as the most important man in her life. She had jumped into his arms and wound her legs around him. The skin of her knees shining through the ripped jeans. He carried her to the house and she slid down the front of him. Turning to face me, she gripped his arm tightly. Holding out her left hand, with tear-filled eyes, she told me, “I said yes!”

  22. @CrackedFic
    190 words

    The cyborg found its target in a field of flowers 125 yards away.

    The noonday sun shone brightly. The enemy approached. The cyborg moved quickly.

    "Come with me if you want to live."

    It held out its hand and simulated a smile. It had learned that human females responded to its smile.

    She took its hand in hers.

    "But John," she said. "He isn't home yet."

    "Cynerdine unit 7X-3 has ascertained your mate's whereabouts."

    She hesitated. Bit her lip. She unconsciously twisted the engagement ring on her finger as she looked across the field. She sighed when she saw the approaching gunships.

    "Is this really necessary? The resistance can protect me."

    "Miss Connor."

    She nodded. She knew. The resistance was outgunned.

    The cyborg gripped her carefully. It placed its hands under her rear and lifted her from the ground.

    She held its neck to keep from falling.

    "Wrap your legs around my torso," it commanded. "We will be traveling over rough terrain at high speed."

    "Will I ever see John again?"

    "There is no fate," said the cyborg, an automatic response programmed eons ago, "but what we make for ourselves."

  23. Put me down! I said laughing. “I should never have told you that I’ve gained ten pounds since we said “I do.” I knew you’d try to prove that you could still pick me up. Stop!” I protested, as I wrapped my legs around his waist; my body betraying my words.

    “Baby, you know I can never resist a challenge,” he murmured into my neck. His quiet chuckle stirred something deep inside me. Sighing, I pressed my lips against his heart. I wanted to capture this moment forever.

    “Well, it’s a good thing you can still pick me up now, because in a few months that might not be the case…” I purposely let my words drift into the ocean breeze. Today was our first year anniversary, and the sunlight sparkled on my wedding band and formed a rainbow that arced from where we stood, and into the ocean.

    “Why, do you plan on spending our vacation eating your way from coast to coast?” he teased. “Because if you’re still hungry, I’ve got a treat for you…”

    "I'm pregnant," I blurted, feeling overwhelmed. His jade orbs widened in amazement. Then his knees buckled and we collapsed, laughing, into the sea.

  24. @Aleeab4u
    200 words

    "I'm sorry, sir. I have available seats for Tuesday..."

    "I need a flight tonight."

    The guy sounds apologetic at least. Still, he has to try again.

    "It's my fiancé. Her cat died."

    There's a distinct pause over the line. ""

    "I know, it's weird, but she's had it since she was five. That's not really the point." Edward shifts the phone, feeling useless. "I haven't been there for her lately. This damn new job and...shit. Are you sure there's nothing?"

    More keyboard clicking, more apology. "Nothing, sorry."

    "Yeah. Okay." He hangs up, drags his fingers through his hair with a curse. The doorbell rings and I'll he can think is, what now? He gets to it as it opens. She stumbles in, dropping a bag, looking tired.

    His surprise doesn't stop him from grabbing her. He lifts and she wraps long legs around his waist, laughing and crying.

    "I've been trying..."

    "I know. I got your message. Found out there were no flights my way but there was one yours."

    "I wanted..."

    "Hush, I know." Bella presses her face to his neck and he holds tight. His wild girl, his forever girl. Leave it to her to meet him halfway.

  25. This comment has been removed by the author.

  26. um. let's try that again.

    Word Count: 199

    “Open the door,” he pleads.

    The heels of my hands press into my eyes as I will my tears to stop. I gasp for a breath that will ease my aching heart, but one doesn’t seem to come.

    The thumping in my chest, along with his pounding fist on the door, makes it hard for me to hear my own thoughts.

    “Talk to me.”

    I try to mutter go away, but the words catch in my throat. They’re not said out loud because I can’t let myself say them. I don’t want him to go away.

    When I’ve calmed myself down enough to open the door and face him, he immediately wraps me in his arms.

    “Why are you so upset?” he whispers to my temple. “I want you to be happy for me.”

    “Why didn’t you tell me?” I ask, voice breaking. “We’re supposed to be best friends.”

    He doesn’t give me an answer. I don’t push for one.

    Words of want and love linger on my tongue, but they’ll never be set free.

    There was a time in our friendship when I thought he could be mine. But he never was. And now, he never will be.

  27. @doobawrites
    199 words

    His shoulders were broad and the small of his back was exactly that: small. His upper body an inverted triangle that was a feast to the eyes, for sure.

    And he was hers, now.

    For years she had been watching him, but he’d had a girlfriend and she hadn’t wanted to come in between. She wasn’t an angel, but she certainly wasn’t going to drive a couple apart.

    She’d put him out of her mind and tried to move on with her life. But the emptiness she felt without him near, remained.

    Until she heard that he was single again.

    It took her a few weeks to build the nerve to call him. He’d been surprised, but said yes when she invited him for a walk along the beach.

    She wasn’t even going to try and win him over. She just wanted to be there for him.

    But at the beach, when his eyes lit up when he saw her, she started running. He caught her as she jumped up, holding her tight against him. Her legs fit around his waist perfectly.

    “I’ve waited for so long,” she whispered.

    “Me, too,” he replied.

    And she knew it was true.

  28. @SerendipitousMC
    200 words!

    She took off. Her arms pumped hard, pushing ahead in spite of the heavy purse she carried.

    Her tight jeans turned out to be a bad choice. They slowed her down though she stretched her legs as far as she could against the constricting denim. Of course, she never expected this when she put them on today.

    "If I get away, I’ll wear sweat pants for the rest of my life, I swear..."

    She glanced over her shoulder to see if they were there. In that split second, she ran smack into someone who was rounding the city corner.

    “Whoa!” Hands with long fingers and a Starbucks cup stopped her.

    “Please!” she moaned, hoarse from running. “Don’t let them get me!”

    “What? Miss, what are you talking about?” He was holding her elbows, confused, but then he saw terror, genuine and unyielding, on her face. His green eyes grew wide.

    Frantically, she turned around and spotted a leather jacket and a black trench.

    “Help me! Hide me, please!”

    “Hold on.” He picked her up, hoisting her legs around his waist and backing up a small set of stairs in front of an apartment building. “Keep your back to the street.”

  29. Hearing a familiar car pull up, I bolt downstairs and only to see Emmet.

    "Hey Bella."

    "Hey, Emmet. Did you come in Edward's car?"

    "Yeah, I was parked in, so I took the Volvo."

    "Great!" "My shoes are in the back seat!"

    I fly out the door, running down the drive way, I hear Emmet yell "Bella!" as the door slams.

    I see the Volvo and stop dead in my tracks. Edward is behind the wheel. Why didn't Emmet tell me he was out here?

    Edward opens the car door and gets out. I run full tilt at him, wrapping my arms and legs around him, almost knocking him down.

    "Isn't it bad luck for me to see my bride on our wedding day?"

    "Nah, it's just so the groom can't change his mind." No chance of that."


    " "Are my shoes still in the back seat?"

    "Yes." He drops me down to my tiptoes and kisses me, handing me my shoes.

    " Meet you at the altar."

    "I'll be the one in white!" Running back inside I'm contemplating the ways I might kill Emmet.

    184 words. If I Go

  30. my twitter is inactive
    Word Count: 172

    She had a crazy sort of gleam in her eyes. If I didn’t know any better I’d think she was half-crazed or a bit insane but really it was just in her nature. In all the years that I’d known her, she had never been boring or dishonest and perhaps it was what made me keep coming back to her despite the volatile nature of her moods.

    I just desperately wanted her. So much so that I knew I had to chase away the melancholy feeling that had begun to settle over her because only I knew what that meant. Maybe it wasn’t the best idea and maybe it wasn’t healthy but I loved this girl something fierce. No one understood her like I did. And so with a flutter in my stomach and a squeeze of my heart, I slipped that ring around her finger and waited. I watched as her brows scrunched up before a grin split wide across her lips as she breathily whispered yes over and over again.

  31. Twitterfree zone
    Word count 145

    Bodacious Burlesque Belle Bags Balking Boxer Boyfriend?

    Buxom exotic dancer Bella Swan (23) was sighted getting hot and heavy with presumed fiance and up-and-coming Super Middleweight contender, Edward Cullen (28) in the Arrivals Hall of Forks International Airport last night.

    Seen here sporting a sizeable sparkler, the pair were unwilling to flash a smile for reporters on the scene.

    In a new twist to the couples tempestuous on/off relationship that has kept pundits pinned to the tabloids, close colleague and confidant of the Miss soon to be Mrs, Jacob Black, dismissed claims marriage was imminent.

    The dark haired hottie, who occasionally partners the lovely lady on stage claimed he had given Ms Swan the ring for safe-keeping after he had had it resized.

    Resized for whom we wonder?

    Sure looks like it fits pretty well from here.

    Mr Black's office was today unavailable for comment.

  32. @twilllly
    200 words.

    My world shattered.

    I wanted to scream at him, hit him, and tear the whore out of his arms, but I couldn't move.

    I couldn't think.

    I couldn't breathe.

    There was nothing, but an agonizing void.

    I turned to flee,but slammed in to an unexpected mass, it steadied me, keeping me on my feet.

    "Bella? What are you doing here? I was just getting ready to call you."

    I looked up into my husband's startled face.

    "I..." My eyes darted from him to the embarrassed couple over my shoulder and back. "It wasn't you?"


    I buried my head in his shoulderand burst into tears.

    He tried to console me, rocking me in his arms.

    I slapped his chest.

    "Ow, baby. What was that for?'

    "For having the same hair as him!" I pointed at the other man and slapped him again. "And that's for being the same build."

    I pulled him down for a languid kiss that left us both breathless. "And that was for not being him."

    "Wow. I'm glad I'm not him, too." He squeezed my ass. "That's my cousin Garrett and his fiancé. They're passing through town. I them to dinner."

  33. Twitter - @ileftmyscar
    Word count: 200

    hap•pi•ness - noun \ˈha-pē-nəs\ - state of being characterized by positive or pleasant emotions ranging from contentment to intense joy.
    The dictionary compiled the meaning in concise fifteen words. A photographer could do it in one click. An artist in a hundred brush strokes. A writer in just a line and then a whole novel.
    I am none.
    When the morning sun casts you in the perfect glow and the sea breeze makes your curls caress my bare chest while I hold you as you sleep.
    When you are standing in the kitchen and humming the tune of the most annoying songs on the planet, and your lips curve into a smirk because you know how annoyed I am.
    When I steal kisses between bites of bacon.
    When you wear your ripped jeans and my fingers want to play music on your knees.
    When my lips want to devour your giggles because my fingertips tickle.
    When your cheek against mine is the most perfect warmth as I lift you on to the counter.
    When I kiss my love on your lips and my voice shakes upon a question.
    When one word changes my entire life.
    That’s happiness.

    1. that's so pretty.

    2. That's beautiful.

  34. @TiramiSue84
    Words: 251(that's the best I could do!) unbeta'ed


    I eventually found her down at the beach.

    I had left the party in a haste, barely able to choke down the raging anger inside of me and not let my fists say what I had denied my mouth to for the longest time. It would have been so easy and freeing to finally give in to temptation. After everything I had to endure, everything I had to keep up with, it would have been my damn right prerogative, too.

    I chased after a girl that wasn't mine, instead. Even with the red shading my sight, the decision was made as soon as she had stormed outside into the dark night. Alone and fragile...

    She was faster than I had expected, and with the cover of the night shielding her, it's taken me hours of scanning and searching streets and alleys to find her.

    Hugging her knees, she sat there.

    I approached.

    “Not now, Edward. Please.”

    “He doesn't deserve you. Never did, never will!” My words hurt her, but she had hurt me, too. “You should have chosen me.”

    “I know.”

    “Then, once again, why didn't you.”

    “Because I'm not good enough for you.”

    “You're so dumb.”

    “I know.”

    And despite everything, the weeks and months of hurting and seeing her with another man, I still loved her. “Try to be smart, then.”

    Her legs circled my waist as I picked her up, her fingertips to my neck.

    I carried her home.

  35. Twitter: @femme_mal
    Word count: 188 (Google Drive); 200 (OpenOffice)

    “Give in.”


    “Look, I'm home. I'm done, mustered out, here forever. So give in.”

    “I have to pee. Let me down.”

    “No, not until you give in.”

    “But we're so happy now. You're happy, right?”

    “Yeah, I'm ecstatic. I'd be whatever is beyond ecstatic if you just gave in.”

    “I don't want to fuck this up. Things are good, just the way they are.”

    He shifted her weight, pressing her back a little more firmly into the wall, grinding a little closer at the same time. He meant business; he hoped she felt it.

    “Look, I can wait all goddamned day. Just give in.”


    He leaned his head forward, until his forehead pressed against hers. She could taste him without even tonguing him, he was so close.

    “Give. In. You already said yes, everyone else knows.” He clutched her a bit tighter, closing his eyes as he entrenched into position, commitment settling across his face.

    She shifted her hands from his warm, firm shoulders around his neck, relaxing into him.

    “Okay. We'll get married this weekend. But I really do have to pee right now, love.”

  36. 191 words

    I smell of another man; he knows what I did last night. Nothing he hasn't done before.

    He hitches a leg over his hip. Fingers grip the smooth skin of my knee exposed through my jeans.

    "Getting lazy baby? Can't even remember to suck a guy off before you fuck in some scratchy carpeted motel like the dirty whore you are." Heat bubbled, but before I could respond he attacked my mouth with his.

    I didn't fight it.

    After weeks of these games I needed him. Clothing disappears and my legs wrap round him, my back against the wall as we give in to animalistic need.

    "Fuck, you don't need to smell of anyone but me. You. Are. Mine." He punctuated his words with a hard bite and a deep thrust making me cry out.

    We slip slightly heated gazes catching as we move in sync. Right now in his eyes I see everything, the love, the hatred and that same teenage lust from years ago. This is why I still wear his ring, why we play these stupid games. Because now; moving together, sharing sweat and breath is us.


  37. 152 words

    There’s a moment when you jump out of a plane – you stare out the open door, into the abyss of the unknown – and you know the only thing you’ve ever been certain of in your entire life: you’ll never be as scared again as you are in this moment. You don’t want to die, but here you are, running toward it with open, flailing limbs and a scream that starts somewhere in your soul.

    And you haven’t even jumped yet.

    I feel it now, too. The scream. It’s a keening sound at first, leaving my chest in a tight, ball of air. It builds and crescendos like an orgasm until I’m transmuted from body to sound. I am this scream.

    My entire body vibrates with it, even my toes.

    And I was wrong. Oh, fuck, I was wrong.

    Seeing her legs wrapped around your waist is by far the greatest fear I’ll ever know.

    1. I love how you built his/her reaction and then hits us with the betrayal after the safety of landing.

  38. @ericastwilight
    Word count: 200

    Her hand is in mine as we walk the beach. She screams playfully as water laps at her feet, holding onto my arm as if the waves could take her from me. Nothing or no one could ever come between us.

    Some have tried. All had failed.

    She was mine and I was hers from the moment our gazes met across the dinner table. At the time, neither of us were in the position to be together as we were tied to others. By the end of that week however, we had said goodbye to our past and embraced the future together.

    Her head falls against my arm, tipping her beautiful face to look at me. “How long are you going to keep me waiting?”

    “You’re too smart for your own good.”

    She licks her lips, almost making me lose my concentration. “It doesn’t take a genius to figure out there’s something in your pocket.” She smacks my arm when I wiggle my eyebrows.

    I pull out the box, already feeling lighter as tears start to linger. I didn’t even have to ask, the answer was in her eyes. She jumps into my arms. I know our forever starts today.

    1. Sweetest "So is that a something in you pocket or are you just happy to see me?" ever. ;)

  39. @DarlingVeruca
    200 words

    She peeked through the slats of the picket fence separating their yards. She was twelve, her neighbor twenty-something. R, her neighbor, was perfect, had boobs that she’d might have one day. Maybe one day if she kept practicing those exercises. R’s clothes were perfect, too. Even though her mom scolded her over and over for “ruining brand new jeans” she still cut and ripped the knees just right.

    So on her knees, the damp grass chilling the bare skin there, she watched R and R’s guy kiss and laugh and hug. She thought, I want that. I want a boy to tell me he loves me and to look at me like he looks at her. R and R’s guy nuzzled into each other as they walked inside the house. She flopped onto her back, stared at the sky, the puffy clouds. She squeezed her eyes shut, made her lips pucker and kissed the air.

    From his bedroom window, R’s thirteen-year-old brother could see the weird neighbor girl lying flat on her back, making weird faces. His stomach did a flip-flop every time he saw her. And then he kissed his window and thought, One day it’ll be for real.

  40. Word Count: 192
    Twitter: @Anna_Faze

    I come upon them in the north field, my sister’s legs wrapped around Emmett in a display of ownership that isn’t intended for me, but cuts my heart in two just the same.

    He held me like that once too, late at night in the dark where no one could see us. He held my eyes and then my mouth and when, after a long time, he pulled away, he bit my lip until it bled. There was greeting and recognition and a sweet, sad farewell in that single kiss, over long before it should have been.

    I take care not to meet his eyes when Rosalie is near, take care not to even look at him but still I feel flayed open every time he takes the space in the corner of my eye.

    Something else catches my eye now. A tiny light on Rosalie’s finger that’s newly put there, and something in me flares bright for a single moment, and then dies.

    I’ve heard there’s people like Emmet and me who live free in the city.

    But that doesn’t happen here.

    I turn and walk away, biting my lip until it bleeds.


    reposting from mis-post :)

    1. Thanks again for re-posting! I'll be better prepared next week (mistakes in my contribution - I shouldn't rush!). This is a great idea. Thank you :) Anna Faze

    2. That last line was a perfect way to bring bring it back around.

  41. @owlsarebirdstoo
    148 words




    Specks of dust flying past me. Shining, sparkling, shimmering like points of light in this darkness - each one a happy memory of one of my lives.

    Stretching out, I catch one that shines brighter than the others.

    At my touch it begins expanding - becoming a living, breathing reminiscence. My hands tangled in his hair… his arms supporting me.

    He was my favorite and I was going to keep him forever.

    That was the day he found out who I am.

    Knowledge is power and My Love had too much. He was now forbidden to remember me and I am still terrified to forget him.

    He looked at me like he didn't know who I was – and it killed me.

    The memory slowly shrinks into a glimmering diamond ring.

    I return it to its home on my left hand and continue falling through time.

    1. I'm not sure what "world" this is set it, but its still quite beautiful.