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week 9 fanficflashfic

Week 8 winner @runtagua has selected this week's prompt to get you writing:

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Have your 100 - 200 words submitted by 12:00am Friday, March 29, US EDST.

We want anything and everything: poetry, prose, fanfic, OF. 


Leave your entry as a comment - include your word count, and your twitter handle if you have one.

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  1. @mtr_amg
    198 words
    But you are not here with me.
    You are there with her.
    I hate her. She stole you from me. It was magic, you said. You couldn’t help yourself. She is your imprint.
    I can do magic, too.
    I hold the small human replica of her in my hand. The stray hairs lovingly collected from your clothes. Longer than mine and obviously hers. Wound around the doll. It wears strips from her clothing.
    I pick up the pin and I strike. Right into the gut.
    The next week another pin in the thigh. The week after, the back.
    She isn’t well, you tell me.
    I rejoice; it works.
    I am sympathetic.
    You blame yourself.
    I assure you it can’t be you.
    The next week I make a wolf. I bind your fur to it.
    I make the wolf attack the doll. Tear its face off.
    At midnight, I wrap the dolls tightly in plastic and bury them in the yard.
    I hear the car go past as you take her to the medical centre. The phone rings.
    She’s hurt. My mother is needed. I offer to drive.
    He’ll need you, she tells me.
    I know you will.

  2. Word Count: 193
    Twitter handle: @MiahJWriting

    They say that silence is deafening. I’d never really thought about it before, hell before you I never really thought about much other than the next tightening of that tourniquet around my arm, the next flick of the needle, the blissful escape of my next hit. But now? Now with the imposed hush of detox? All I do is think. Are you happy? Are you eating enough? Are you curled up in that ugly purple comforter you insisted we just had to have? I was living in a world or black and white then in a whirl of your smile and the spill of your coffee my universe exploded into a million technicolor stars, each one a memory with a smile attached. A reason to be clean. A reason to breathe clear for the first time in my miserable life. I need to do this. Be a better man. A man that you can stand proud beside. A man that can look at himself in the mirror without shielding his eyes. A proper father. Sixty more days until my time is up. Sixty more days until the beginning of forever. I love you.

  3. @believeitornott
    200 words

    You tent me under the covers.
    I laugh, yelling, “Free me!” Though it’s the last thing I want.
    Your whole body flat on top of mine squishes me into the mattress. “My sandwich.”
    You turn us over, holding me tight. “My frosting.” You lick my chin.
    “Ew,” I say.
    You slide your lips from my jaw to the curve of my neck, run your tongue along my collarbone, kiss the inside of my elbow. “Remember Rome.”
    We talk of horse-and-carriage memories, and live amateur music on Spanish Steps, and ruins.
    My eyes open and they aren’t dry and you’re gone. Pain is your residue.
    Come back, I beg in silence. You won’t because I sent you away.
    Somewhere along our relationship-road we went sour. We argued over breadcrumbs and dirty toilets. I sat on one side of the bathroom door while you were on the other. We went for days and days and days without exchanging one word.
    Scribbled ink on paper was our communication. We were that stubborn.
    We’re better apart. I know.
    Yet the truth doesn’t change. When we were good, we were amazing.
    Wiping my cheeks, I close my eyes.
    You tent me under the covers.

    1. i loved this :)

      *pain is your residue*

      and Remember Rome.


    2. (Anahi)

      We were that stubborn.
      We’re better apart. I know.
      Yet the truth doesn’t change. When we were good, we were amazing. <-- Fucking loved that <3

  4. @shellisthimbles
    196 ineligible words


    In a different world, we would’ve met at sixteen.

    Our skin would’ve turned bronze in the glare of the long, hot summer, our hair leeching light. We would’ve sat on rainbow-bright towels, wearing our bikinis like a uniform. Racing from surf to sand and back again all day long. Creaming soda with two straws dancing in the bottle. Eating fish and chips, and watching the sea turn gold, as though the sun were sinking into its depths.

    If I’d had you by my side, that summer would have been filled with laughter, my journal bursting with happy anecdotes and fond memories.

    But you were running late.

    He sighs in his sleep, lips twitching with that sweet smile.

    He takes up the pages that should have been yours.

    First kisses, sultry nights. Butterfly heartbeats and somersaulting tummies.

    The story twisted too soon. Forgetfulness and desire conspired to make us old before our time. Teenagers to adults in nine months flat.

    We did our best. Lonely. Abandoned. Forgotten.

    Ten years too late, you tipped your coffee into my lap and clapped your palm over a laugh.

    For the first time since that summer, I have someone called friend.

    1. Loved this, was really great.

  5. @willuplsbequiet
    200 words.

    “How much longer do we have before you go leave for work?”

    “About ten minutes.”

    “Do you think that’s enough time for phone sex?”

    “What? Since when are you interested in–”

    “I’m not. Definitely not.”

    “Then why ask?”

    “Because I thought it was obligatory. You know, long distance relationship and all that.”

    “I didn’t think people had phone sex anymore. Don’t they just get naked on Skype?”

    “Dammit, I forgot about Skype. We’re doing that tomorrow, all right?”

    “You can be so ridiculous sometimes.”

    “Whatever. I can hear you laughing.”

    “How would you even start a phone sex conversation? Would it be with ‘what would you do be doing we were in bed together right now?”

    “Well, that’s easy – I’d kiss you. But you’d stop me and say, ‘be careful! I’m wearing a mask!’”

    “Shut up…so you think about kissing me?”

    “Yeah. And how red your lips are when we wake up the next morning.”

    “They are?”

    “It’s from that really long lasting lipstick you wear. I like it when you wear lipstick. I think it’s sexy.”

    "Ten minutes is up.”

    “Of course it is.”

    “Skype. We’re definitely getting Skype tomorrow.”

    “Yes! I love you.”

    “Love you more. Bye.”

  6. nightcaller (ffn)
    197 words

    It isn’t hard to tell what she’s thinking.

    She sits uncomfortably on his lap, teasing me with her taut tits.

    Our eyes meet and I hold them there.

    She knows I want her.

    Her hand making its way from his, to her breast let me know that.

    I palm my crotch and adjust. Two can play this game.

    Will she take the bait and follow me?

    My eyes leave hers and I fall onto my feet in one swift motion.

    Days like this all run together.

    One big shit storm of fun, fucking and sin.

    Three soft taps on the door and it opens, closing quickly behind her.

    I tuck her soft brown hair behind her ears, giving her my lips.

    “I’ve thought about you all day,” I whisper.

    Her hands meet my chest and she begs me with her pretty brown eyes.

    “Three minutes,” she whispers.

    “I take her hand and place it over me, rubbing it up and down.

    “You want this?”

    Her leg is against my waist, eyes pleading.
    I touch her where she shines and she whimpers.

    “You might be his, but you’re mine tonight.”

    We kiss.

    “Meet me at my house.”

    1. I touch her where she shines and she whimpers.

      and, i fucking love you.

  7. @itssophiebear on twitter. Words - 200.

    I ran.

    Like always.

    I could have waited – listened. Maybe if I had I wouldn’t be lying here. 3000 miles away, with him. I say ‘him’ because I’m not entirely sure I remember his name. Did he tell me? He’s here, but he’s not. Passed out, strung out on God knows what, drunk as hell and I’m alone. Just like I have been for months.

    Coming home late; kisses with whiskey and smoke and words you didn’t know how to say. Lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, there, but so far gone; lost without a map and no one to point us in the right direction.

    Thinking back when things were good – great - perfect, even. I can’t help wondering, would it be like that if you were here now? Before babies and ashes and nights without sleep in the worst way. When it was big plans and sweet words and nights without sleep in the best way. When everyone called us crazy for thinking that this, us, could be real. When we called them crazy because we wouldn’t be like that. We thought. I thought.

    But I ran.

    And lying with no answers is harder than lying alone.

    1. (Anahi)

      Lying in bed, staring at the ceiling, there, but so far gone; lost without a map and no one to point us in the right direction. -> So good!

  8. 105 words -if I counted correctly.
    Twitter: @svale17

    The bed is too cold, probably as cold as my heart is now. The sheets I've forgotten to wash are making my skin itch. I can't stand it.

    I stand up and go to our bookshelf. Our wedding picture is still there. You're smiling, so high that your grey eyes are barely visible. I'm smiling too but my eyes are on you.

    I stifle a sob. It hurts. It hurts so much.

    This is all wrong. This night, our bedroom, the deafening silence and killing absence.

    I miss you.

    Wait for me love. As soon as the silver escape hits my head I'll be with you.


    1. !!!!!!!!!!

      i love your word choice in the last line, darlingheart.

    2. (Anahi)

      This was so great, girl! <3

  9. Word count: 187
    (Sorry, I had to correct the verb, it's my pet peeve... So to punish myself, I included the whole phrase in the word count).
    Twitter handle: @AnnaLund2011


    But you’re not here, are you? You left, you sucker, you took off the second you realized I didn’t have the money you needed.

    Like someone had promised you things so much better than this, and you were entitled to so much more.

    Fuck ENTITLED.

    Fuck YOU.

    I lie here, thinking about you, yeah? And all I feel today is relief. Profound relief.

    Relief because you left. Because you didn’t bring me down with you. Because you had all that entitlement going on in your brain. Because I have no part in what you became.

    And now—who’s crying now, eh? It sure as hell isn’t me. I’ve managed just fine, I got my shit together and got up and out.

    I’m not the one in jail—You are.

    I didn’t kill anyone—You did.

    I didn’t think I was better than everyone else—You did.

    Yeah, you invented 3-D printing. But then you had to go and print a gun, and try shooting with it.

    It worked. Go you.

  10. Word Count: 199
    Twitter: fictionfreak95

    Once you left, I broke in two.

    Then made a list of what to do:

    Come back, I’ll start with drinks, some wine.

    I know your favorite, not cheap, not fine.

    How about a bath? One made for two.

    With loads of bubbles, music, too.

    I’ll sing that crazy Beatles tune.

    The one that goes kukukachoo.

    After that I’ll dry you off,

    lay you down and kiss you soft.

    Admire you as you lie in bed.

    Ignore the doubts inside my head.

    Watch you, wanting to entwine.

    Decide how I should walk the line.

    Crawl between you, make you come.

    Watch you squirm and come un-done.

    Kiss your skin and mark it mine,

    Take your humming as a sign.

    Get lost inside you, try to heal you,

    Appreciate that I can feel you.

    Trudge the mountain and the grime,

    Embrace the pain, it’s worth the climb.

    Treat time as a simple loan.

    Protect your heart before my own.

    Give you what you need this time.

    Because without you, I’m resigned.

    All of this, I’ll do for you.

    All of this and more, it’s due.

    Take me back, I’ll make it true.

    Just please don’t tell me that we’re through.

    1. Protect your heart before my own.

      Love this <3<3<3

      I don't know if I'm even allowed to comment on these, so sorry if I'm breaking rules, lol!

    2. loved this amazing rhyme.

    3. i loved so much of this!! Get lost inside you, try to heal you - and - the beatles and protecting her heart and and and!! this was gorgeous, girl.

    4. (Anahi)

      This was so gooood!! Like, GAHHH!

      Fave line: Take me back, I’ll make it true. <3

    5. Kiss your skin and mark it mine

      so much going on for me in this line. Loved it.

  11. Replies
    1. Word Count: 198
      Twitter: @seemetmrw

      She would have brown hair and your green eyes. We would both drop her off on her first day kindergarten. On family day, she would want to bring THAT picture, the one that is so worn from being held while being told stories she knows by heart. After all, she was created from these stories-- stories of us as childhood friends.

      Like the time I kneed you in the balls because you didn’t want to play with me or the time I ran down the street to your house, waking you up at 7:00 am because it was snowing, because it never snows in Alabama.
      She would bring the picture of me kissing you while Easter egg hunting, me with my jack-o-lantern pumpkin, you with your pretty basket. We would share a look to vow that she never has a pumpkin on Easter for her basket. Then, we would show her our wedding day picture recreating that same moment and explain how childhood love turned into lifelong love, all because of you.

      Some nights I lay in bed and imagine what I would be doing if you were both with me. Wondering how $250 can change our course.

  12. Word Count: 198
    Twitter: @seemetmrw

    She would have brown hair and your green eyes. We would both drop her off on her first day kindergarten. On family day, she would want to bring THAT picture, the one that is so worn from being held while being told stories she knows by heart. After all, she was created from these stories-- stories of us as childhood friends.

    Like the time I kneed you in the balls because you didn’t want to play with me or the time I ran down the street to your house, waking you up at 7:00 am because it was snowing, because it never snows in Alabama.

    She would bring the picture of me kissing you while Easter egg hunting, me with my jack-o-lantern pumpkin, you with your pretty basket. We would share a look to vow that she never has a pumpkin on Easter for her basket. Then, we would show her our wedding day picture recreating that same moment and explain how childhood love turned into lifelong love, all because of you.

    Some nights I lay in bed and imagine what I would be doing if you were both with me. Wondering how $250 can change our course.

  13. 2old4fanfic
    188 words

    You were in white, the first time I saw you.
    Back from my year studying abroad, home in time for my big brother’s wedding.
    You wore blue, tiny denim cutoffs, back from your honeymoon, your legs lean and tan, showing off the new tattoo on your hip, a sideways 8, the infinity sign. Emmett had the same image inked on his shoulder.
    You wore red, at my parent’s house for their anniversary party, the short dress wrapping you like a gift.
    You wear nothing in my bed, nothing but a smile after I’ve done everything I’ve dreamed of, filling you with my hungry tongue and cock. I feast on your breasts, your red lips, taste the sweetness between your legs. I hold your head in my hands like a treasure, your chocolate hair flowing through my fingers.
    I wake wearing white sheets, twisted through bare legs. My parent’s house is big, but I can still hear the thumps and squeals coming from the room you share with your husband tonight. Doing the things I can only dream of doing with you, night after night, alone in my bed.

  14. @darlingveruca
    200 words

    When Del closes her eyes there is a fraction of a moment she thinks she can feel him beside her. It’s warm, warmer than it’d be if he wasn’t. There’s even a little dip in the mattress, and that soapy scent that’s so him is there on the pillow. Imagination is a pretty powerful thing and right now she’d rather not be logical.

    Del’s always been this way - growing up with fairies in her garden and animals talking back to her, but that was different. Kid stuff. Right now, though, she’s wishing it were all true.

    She lies there, completely still, until the moment is gone.

    “I would’ve listened to you tell me about things you don’t think I think are important,” she says around the ache. “I would’ve played with the hair on your chest. I would’ve have kissed your shoulders, your neck and your lips. I would’ve done that thing you like – twice. I’d tell you all my secrets, Matty.”

    He’d forgotten a suit way back in the closet when he moved out last week. She wasn’t supposed to be home.

    His hands are trembling even in pockets as he leans against the door. “So, start now.”

    1. seeing as everyone is commenting this time around, I just HAVE to step in and say HOLY FUCK BUT THAT WAS BEAUTIFUL!

  15. Word count: (way over)392
    Twitter: @KDub

    But then I remember that you are.

    The feel of your hands, your lips, makes my hope bloom. Even with all the effort I have put into lying to my shattered soul, I secretly know that your love is not unconditional. I close my eyes and drift in this false hope, this temporary love. I let it take me so far away from this reality to a place I have only dreamed of. Or maybe I reminisce because I swear I've been here before, a very long time ago, with you.

    I absorb your diluted attention like a neglected child hungry for affection. It placates my foolish mind for a time while my body offers you the fix you desire. I ignore the pain that is mixed with the hope and I shun the dread that tries to consume me and replace it with borrowed thoughts of forever. I accept the shadow of your love or is it the edge of your anger? The darkness doesn't afford me the opportunity to properly identify the emotion you operate in when you whisper love in my ear. Instead I willing take what you offer without question.

    You ask me, “Do you still love me, baby?” I say yes because I do and it’s not a lie. “I love you too” you say and I don’t believe you.

    You ask, “Do you miss me, baby?” And I say yes. This is also true. “I miss you so much,” you say and I soar with hope but why? Why do you miss me if I have always been here?

    “Can I have you again in the morning?” I tell you that you can but this answer doesn't come from the same truthful place. It’s a half-truth because I know that come morning, this part of you will be gone. If you’re honest with yourself, you don’t really mean it anyway. The needful part, so cleverly disguised as something that resembles love, has been fed and will be replaced with indifference and an uncomfortable distance. I don’t look forward to it. I know that I will soon be faced with the angry stranger that has taken all of the space within the body of my love. So, while I can, I take what you give and I try not to miss you before you close your eyes.

    1. (Anahi)

      I loved it KDub.

      P.S: I want cupcakes!

      Lol :)

  16. Twitter: @bigblueboat
    Word Count: 174

    Midnight phone call. Hushed words. The crackle of clothes being pulled on after I diligently worked on removing them.

    You whispered words about protection and honor. Tears fell. Promises were made. You brushed a last kiss against my forehead, turned and headed out the door.

    You had been trying to convince me it was time to grow our family. Neither of us knew, but we had already started the growth.

    The morning puking. The afternoon cravings for fish and chips. The hours I wanted to have you worship my body and was left with plastic and memories.

    I gently put my hand over my extended stomach to calm the poking foot of our child – one you have yet to properly meet.

    The red pen dangling on the wall by the calendar mocks me from my supine position on our bed. I struggle out of bed and force the whiteboard to bleed our pain as another day is crossed off.

    Tonight I’m left wondering if you are to be back to hear her first cry.

  17. 104 words
    @cynthiamk78 on Twitter

    They’re hard to turn off, these thoughts. I know that continuing to think about you this way is pointless. You’re gone. You’re all gone, but I just can’t stop. In the night, in the dark, I wonder what went wrong, why you chose to leave. The voice in my head tells me it’s my fault and so I reexamine everything, all the evidence, like some sort of a forensic relationship expert, reconstructing and retelling, trying to find the fatal blow, the gust of wind, the jarring shake that made it all fall down. They say hindsight is 20-20; I still can’t see it.

  18. 199 words

    Deer Bradford

    I dunno. The troof is I jest wants ta shank ya in the stall. Aint hard ta hide a shank in yer bo-bos. You jest slide it in the foam. Hurts yer foot but they say aint nothin worth doin if it aint hard.

    You dont suffer nun that way tho. You jest ded. So naw I woodnt shank ya. Not rite quick anyways.

    Id tell da Aryans about ya. Tell em ya got a Mexican girlfriend and your mama is black. Ha. Theyd do ya right good. Them crackers always lookin fer a new bitch.

    After that? Well I spose the gards cum next. I got a cupel who like me becauz I pass em blow whens I can. So Id make shure theyd here yous a snitch. Whenever the Aryans wasnt grinding your ass, youd be sure the gards was.

    Alls Im sayin is I gots these plans becauz a what you did. Brothers is supposd ta stick tagether. You shouldnta run and left me fer the cops.

    I laffed when I herd what happend in Pensacola. Ill be glad ta welcum ya here soon.


    Florida State Pen
    Stark Florida

  19. @TwiDG
    148 words
    You’ve been gone half the year. I’m used to you being away now. The intermittent phone calls. The periodic sightings on Skype. I’m used to it. Good thing too since I’ve still got six more months to go.
    At first I would think of you all the time. I would think how I’d come to bed late and you’d already be sleeping. I’d lay down as gently as possible so I wouldn’t wake you. I was often successful.
    Now I think about how, if you were here now, I’d come to bed with you. I’d kiss you and hug you and make love to you. Often. So I’ll think about this for the next six months.
    When you come back I’ll think I’ll do this, but the reality is I’ll come to bed late and quietly get in so as not to disturb you. I’m used to it.

  20. This comment has been removed by the author.

  21. aerobee82

    @conqueredthesky on twitter.

    140 words.

    I remember countless days and nights spent with you in our youth. We dreamt big, riding our bikes together, playing in the tall summer grass by the creek. We'd stuff ourselves with ice cream and nap in the hammock, and then, when your mom woke us up, we'd look at one another, our cheeks bright with color - and we had no words to speak.

    We were ten, and so blissfully unaware. So ignorant.

    I loved you then. I love you now.

    How can I move past this?

    I buried you today. It doesn't matter why. It only matters that you're not here, now.

    Two years of experiencing your love wasn't enough, and now, nothing ever will be. Your name rattles in my mind and it will never leave. I don't want it to, Edward. I don't want it to.

    1. Gah, you had me crying there, bb. And welcome aboard this crazy flash train!

  22. @TiramiSue84
    Words: 200


    The sheets feel cold, the bed too big.

    Maybe it's just me, though. When you left, you took more with you than clothes and furniture. Without my consent—like the thief that you are—you stole a huge chunk of myself, as well. So greedy and sly...

    It's been months since you went out that door to trade me in for someone else, yet, that missing chunk never grew back. It's not that I don't know how to cope and manage without you – I do. I'm fine.

    Most of the time.

    It's just... the traces you left on my skin, on the remnants of my heart that remains in my chest, I can't seem to get rid of those. I can't erase them. Or you.

    I can still hear your voice, can taste your skin and lips on my own. It's not just memories... it's all still here.

    Is it the same for you? Do you think of me when you are with her the way I think of you whenever I'm with him? Even now, sleeping in the same bed, he and I are separated by miles because of you.

    As much as I want him to, he can't compare.

  23. ff - jonesn353402

    word count - 101

    It’s Thursday night, and I can’t sleep.
    Showered and clean-shaven, wrapped up snug as a bug in sating, soft satin.
    But, I can’t sleep.
    Still can’t sleep.
    Perhaps it’s these sheets, this fresh, flowing fabric, the exact calming color and costly, cord count she just had to have.
    Turning to the right, I can still smell her on them.
    I can still make out the sunken silhouette in the springs; still feel the warmth seep from her easily abandoned side.
    But, sleep…
    It’s all I want.
    And she is all I need.
    I need her to sleep.

  24. ff- yellowglue
    twitter @LittleGreyAche

    word count - 659

    Eyes closed:

    I'm in your bed, waiting, wearing your baseball jersey from freshman year. Nothing else.

    It's last March, two weeks into our third break-up. I opened your window because it was warm out, but the sun set almost an hour ago. The breeze is giving me goosebumps now.

    I unbutton and rebutton it while I wait.

    Waiting and knowing better make me ache.

    I love to ache.

    Another hour or so passes. Navy buttons are free of white button-holes. My ache is deep and sweet, and sore to be fucked.

    I love your fuck.

    When your key turns in the lock, my courage trembles.

    I shouldn't be here. We keep breaking up for a reason.

    And then I see you -
    faded black Etnies, slim black Levis, half-zipped black hoodie and a low-tugged black cap. There's a red flannel under your sweater and a white tee underneath it, and then I see your eyes -

    You knew I'd be here. We keep getting back together for a reason.

    The look in your eyes requires no words. It's unsubtle in your pupils, and I gladly, gratefully do as I'm told.

    I lie back and slide my hands from undone buttons over my breasts to lush blushing between my legs, and I open my ache for your pleasure.

    You stand still at the foot of your bed. You watch what's left of my dignity and decency unravel. You watch me open wider.

    You take


    You kneel over me. You smell like Maker's Mark and green grass. I arch my back and rock my hips, up and down like you're inside, like I need you. I spread my legs further and part where I'm slick and swelled and so sore for you gently wider. I don't remember language, but I plead with a quivering chin and burn-chilled skin, and tender, so-open aching.

    “More,” you whisper, sliding and circling, allowing me only just the head of your cock.

    I love you.

    I want to cry.

    I love you, please.

    “More,” you coax, your breath warm along the corner of my mouth as you grin nose to nose over helpless, needful tears.

    I bend my knees higher and open wider, surrendering so fully I feel the burn in my thighs.

    “More, summersong,” you breathe over the corner of my mouth. “All the way or I walk away.”

    Cries I've been trying to hold break out and I bite my lip as I arch even higher, forcing the outsides of my knees to his sheets until I'm so open it hurts. My legs are burning and I can't see through this ache. I can't do anything but need, out loud and all throughout, and in the next beat you're there.

    All the way.

    You take me over – goose bumps and undone buttons, trembling courage and wide-open ache, cries and blush and love and all – you run and overrun all that I am, until I am living acknowledgement and breathing acceptance.

    I want to hold onto you. I want to wrap my arms around your neck. I want to feel your shoulders, your back, your arms - your muscles and bones working together under your skin to make love irrefutable, but I know better. You're spiteful and purposeful. You want me to know I don't deserve you this way, because I keep leaving you.

    I hate reason.

    Eyes open:

    I'm in my own bed, waning, wearing your jersey and nothing else, shaking my head, begging the moment like it's a lover don't go, don't go, don't go.

    But it does.

    Because I did.

    And I hate this ache and these goose bumps and these cries, because they mean nothing. They're shallow, and if you were here they'd be everything. They'd be deep.

    If you were with me I'd open wide enough for our whole world, instead of withering like I am, like a flag unfurled.

    1. (Anahi)

      I hate reason. <- This

      And I love yellowglue's words.

    2. I want to read this over again already. I love you so much it hurts. This is AMAZING.

      I love your fuck.<---- Died tonight.

    3. Your words always take me to the scene. In the same room. In a dark corner, watching this play out. I can smell the Maker's Mark and the green grass...Just...Wow

  25. Anahi Lazo


    Word count- 174

    It’s morning. Opening my eyes I see you dressed and ready to go to work. You give me the sweetest kiss, followed by my favorite smile and say, “Go back to sleep beautiful. I’ll see you tonight. I love you so much.”

    I’m woken up what seem moments later by the ringing of a phone. I answer the unknown number wondering who it could be. Disoriented, I can’t grasp what’s being sobbed on the other side of the line besides, “…husband…crashed…wallet… I’m, I’m sorry, I’m so sorry.”

    - - -

    It’s night. I open my eyes. I had another nightmare. I look for you but you’re not here beside me.

    It’s been

    I still don’t know how to live with out you. I wonder where I’d be, where we would be if you were still here with me. I wish that I could tell you right now, I love you. But you won’t know. You don’t know. And I would gladly die if it meant that you could smile at me again.

    1. This kills...The cupcakes are yours....Love <3 KDub